Try Eating This to SLEEP BETTER Within 4 Days

I've come up with a four-step approach for you to improve your sleep based upon your meal timing because it can be really frustrating when I say something such as don't eat three hours before bed to improve sleep so you try it and it doesn't work and then you get defeated right well not everything works for everybody there's different circumstances and I discovered this personally when I was in a pretty serious caloric deficit my training had increased and probably just My overall caloric demand increased so my sleep went to garbage and when I cut out eating three hours before bed for instance in this particular situation it made it so I wasn't able to get enough food in and I was going to bed basically in a calorically deprived State and it was waking me up my sleep went back to garbage so what I've realized is a lot of people face this even if they're not over training okay because if you are dieting or you're changing your diet in general a lot of times things can change so this four-step approach is simple it starts with the simplest things to do and if that doesn't work move to this if that doesn't work move to this cetera so let's go ahead and jump right in one of the things you have to realize is that as a recreational exerciser not an athlete the likelihood of you over training and affecting your sleep is actually pretty slim it's usually athletes that are over training but what ends up happening is people that are recreationally exercising they're also decreasing their calories and it's a big shock to the system so adrenaline gets going and it does affect sleep so what I usually suggest that people do first and foremost is step one that is cut out food three hours before bed okay now the reason that I suggest this because a lot of the literature points to this when we are digesting food in general you need to think of our digestive system almost like a muscle okay if we are stretching our muscle we're going to get feedback to the brain that says that muscle stretched we don't necessarily get that with the digestive system that we're aware of but it is happening in the background so if we're digesting food heavily it is sending a signal to the brain that something's happening and that can absolutely disrupt sleep there was a study that took a look at 800 individuals and they found that those that ate within three hours before bed by and large those were the ones that did not sleep well the thing is is that when you look at these studies about eating before bed they're just talking about eating in a very general sense they're not talking about what are they eating so maybe these subjects are eating a lot of carbohydrates right so first step is three hours before bed cut out all the food and see if that improves your sleep but there's a chance that that's not going to improve your sleep and that's very frustrating because we think that should be the case because we need to align our circadian cues and all this and that but think about it from a realistic point of view like do you really think that our indigenous tribes and things like that would go make a kill and then be like oh we can't eat it at night that's not reality okay I'm sure they ate at night but we have science on our side now and we know that okay eating during the day is probably better that being said the next step allow fats and protein within three hours of bedtime but cut out the carbs three hours before bed now this is perfect when you start getting yourself into this caloric deficit or your training because your protein demands are probably higher okay and there's evidence that suggests that when you need more protein and you don't get enough protein you're not going to sleep as well so this makes perfect sense so how do you get the food in without disrupting your sleep well you're going to have a much less likelihood of disrupting your sleep with fats and protein than you are with carbohydrates there's a study that was published in clinical sleep medicine that demonstrated that carbs before bed tend to stimulate more arousal in the middle of the night okay we're not talking the fun type of arousal while talking arousal where you're waking up in the middle of the night now with this people will say oh carbs before bed are going to make you sleepy because you know the blood sugar effect like you rise and then fall and you fall asleep and you feel nice and peaceful and not quite it'll help you fall asleep but it does negatively impact your slow wave sleep so it does impact your sleep in a bad way okay and that's simply because a lot of times you're masquerading your hunger with carbs and then once the carbs are digested you're still hungry and you're waking up so what I still suggest okay and as per a pretty important paper published in nature reviews the more that we can stack our calories towards the morning the better that does not mean you have to cut out eating three hours before bed but it does mean that you should start your day with bigger meal and taper so if you plan to have protein and fat prior to bed or within three hours of going to bed you do need to make a concerted effort to have your calories higher in the morning and taper them as the day goes on with that meal prior to bed being the smallest meal possible I recommend usually something like maybe a little bit of Fuller Fat Greek yogurt like five percent Greek yogurt or maybe a scoop of like protein or something or maybe like two or three ounces of rib eye steak like something that's going to digest a little bit slower but give you some protein right I put a link down below for butcherbox by the way speaking of ribeye I think they have literally the best rib eyes I've ever had and I am not a huge like red meat person I eat red meat but I usually eat chicken and turkey and fish but holy cow you have to try so that link is down below for butcher box they deliver meat directly to your doorstep they are a sponsor on this channel but I figured hey this is relevant and people like to snack on meat so they have awesome grass-fed grass finish beef they have the rib eye steaks they have sirloins they have New York strip they have fillets which my wife is a huge fan of of course they also have chickens whole chickens pork sustainable salmon salmon burgers it's a you name it and then it gets delivered to your doorstep and it's all really good prices too so that link is down below that's a special link and you can check out some of the custom boxes that I recommend with cuts that I like as well they've been on this channel for like six years now so there's no denying I love them and I use them all the time so that link down below for butcher box The Next Step okay if you don't sleep well like that is to actually eliminate the fat with that protein meal and just have it be lean protein okay and this lean protein I would suggest you can even have within an hour before bed the strategy with the lean protein is more about the tryptophan okay if we have protein that's coming in and animal-based protein has high amounts of tryptophan then that tryptophan competes with other large neutral amino acids in the body and it actually allows for more tryptophan to be available to go into the brain convert into serotonin and convert into melatonin higher levels of tryptophan tend to align with better sleep quality so if you are someone that is having a higher training demand or your protein intake is low this will be beneficial there was a study that was published in advances in nutrition that found that subjects that ended up in like the 16 protein deficit ended up not sleeping well they found like if protein levels were not where they need to be like 16 lower than where they need to be for just balance sleep is was affected so it's not just about calorie it's about protein too and then there were two other studies that took a look at low calorie diets these lower calorie diets we noticed that when protein was added and increased even in isochloric situations as long as protein was added sleep seemed to improve so a lot of the caloric deficit issues associated with sleep might potentially be mitigated by protein so is it less about the calories and more it's about hey we're not getting enough protein it could possibly be so that's where I'm like okay maybe we can increase protein in a very minimal caloric way but also something that's easy to digest so in this case it's like maybe some fat free yogurt an hour before bed what I'll do is maybe fat free yogurt with maybe a little protein powder or maybe a little chicken breast or maybe like some fat for your low-fat cottage cheese the reason I go low fat in this case is I'm trying to eliminate variables option two didn't work with the fat and protein so let's go with just protein a little bit before bed and we're talking like three or four ounces at the most the last thing that you can try is a combination of still having the lean protein but also supplementing about 500 milligrams of tryptophan on top of that the problem with animal protein right it feels weird even saying that the problem with animal protein in this case is that even though it has a high amount of tryptophan in it it also has a high amount of large neutral amino acids and tryptophan and lnaas have to compete for one another so like to get into the brain so in this case even though tryptophan is high the competition is high too so it's all relative okay in this particular case plant-based protein is going to be higher tryptophan to lnaa ratio but I'm not suggesting you go have plant-based protein if you want to please be my guest okay but I understand my demographics and I know people don't necessarily want to hear that so one of the things you could do is if you don't want to do that is have like two or three four ounces of chicken or lean protein Greek yogurt whatever and 500 milligrams of tryptophan supplementation that way you're getting the Protein that's satisfying the protein deficit need but you're also getting the tryptophan that's helping that tryptophan to LNA ratio to help serotonin production if that doesn't work there's nothing you can do and you should probably just pop caffeine pills and stay up all night but in all seriousness I hope this works really well for you because it works for me when I need to reverse engineer why I'm not sleeping well as always keep it locked and hear my channel I'll see you tomorrow

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