This Polyphenol Lowers Blood Sugar 24% (MIX IT WITH WATER)

it's very important when we look at weight loss and when we look at like insulin sensitivity that we don't look at it in this really singular myopic way right we don't look at things as well what can I do right now in this one instance to improve my insulin sensitivity right now what if there were ways that we could actually affect even our genes to positively influence insulin sensitivity and ultimately our weight well I asked that because there's some interesting data coming out surrounding the world of lemon and lime peels specifically the phenylic compounds that you'll find in the peels so let's look at some data because this is very very intriguing stuff okay so this first study was looking at Weight Loss specifically and it was published in the journal medicinal food and it looked at one specific polyphenol that is typically in limit and lime peel pretty specifically okay aristoten now in this particular case they gave it to obese mice I know it's a rodent model study but we still look at this stuff right it's important so obese mice that we're consuming high fat diet for 16 weeks they found some really interesting things half the mice did not have this polyphenol and half the mice did the mice that had the polyphenol ended up having an 11 decrease in overall body weight okay well calories were matched both groups ate the exact same amount easy to control in a road model very difficult to do in humans for obvious reasons 11 reduction in body weight okay we got to understand mechanisms what's potentially going on here were they also saw that there was a 41 decrease in adipocyte genes that were related with lipid uptake okay so lipid uptick is going to be things like lipoprotein lipase things that allow for lipids fats to get into a cell to ultimately be stored so when you have a reduction in that or genes that are associated with that you are literally bottlenecking I shouldn't say literally but you are bottlenecking the ability to store fat so that 11 decrease in body weight could have ultimately even gone larger because that bottleneck would just eventually trigger a larger Cascade now this isn't saying that you're magically going to have this effect by having lemon peel and lime peel but if we understand what's going on maybe we can start implementing this into our life even more they also found there was a reduction in lipogenesis related genes genes that were associated with fat formation in general so a very positive thing going on here so don't be throwing out the lime juice but then it went a little further okay insulin sensitivity which is such a huge piece a huge huge piece okay they found that there was a 24 decrease in fasting glucose with those that had the polyphenols okay and then there was a 36 reduction in insulin when you reduce insulin for that dramatic of an amount for a long period of time you end up having a pretty powerful long tail Cascade because think about what's happening insulin resistance is where the cells are essentially becoming like numb to insulin they see it so much because it's circulating all the time trying to get glucose lower that they just say I'm done forget it I just don't want to listen to you anymore right well if you give them a break from that white noise for a minute eventually they'll come back so we can imply that based upon this data that we could do this for a period of time and maybe improve us metabolically it'd be pretty darn cool now what we have to understand here is there's a couple of different effects one that we don't talk about a lot are going to be gut phenolic metabolites okay these phenylic compounds directly have an impact when they get absorbed and utilized in the liver and things like that but when they actually get into the gut they have a Metabolic Effect too and what we forget oftentimes is that our gut regulates very very much so what gets absorbed you might absorb and utilize nutrients and a completely different capacity than I do and much of it can be dictated by these gut vinylic metabolites so when we consume things like lemon peel and lime peel not only do the phenylic compounds affect our gut but the small amounts of fiber okay things like pectin can dictate what happens too okay these Prebiotic fibers they feed the gut bacteria which can then affect what are called short chain fatty acids basically a byproduct of bacteria feeding on fiber these short chain fatty acids act as what are called signaling devices where they can communicate with our cells to regulate how glucose is absorbed into a cell okay this is just one section I have a completely different section to talk about as well okay so with that it's very important and people kind of think about that like okay well does that mean more bacteria is going to be better not necessarily it's about having the right bacteria that will feed on the Prebiotic fibers because if you have bad bacteria and they feed on Prebiotic fibers then the bad bacteria grow right so you got to be very careful so that's where yes a Prebiotic and a probiotic that are putting the right thing in place could be beneficial because then you're planting the quote-unquote seeds so to speak for the bacteria that are good to be able to feed on the fiber you're eating I put a link down below for the one that I recommend personally it's the one that I use it's called seed they are a sponsor on this channel but they are the one that I personally use so that link is down below you can use the code Thomas 15 and it saves you 15 off really cool company they have what is called a symbiotic so it's a capsule inside of a capsule two capsules kind of in one Cool Tech okay with a Prebiotic and a probiotic so that way you're getting these multi-stage delivery so to speak for proper or the best kind of colonization that we're looking for so a really interesting company puts their money where their mouth is with microbiome research that link is down below again 15 off when you use that link and a big thank you to seed for the support on this channel now we also have to remember this is a very very very big piece that the polyphenols can also have an effect on inhibiting what is called Alpha amylase and Alpha glucosidases these are what break down carbohydrates into simple sugars for us to digest if you have a polysaccharide or a disaccharide sugar starches that are kind of bound together they have to be cleaved down and broken down into monosaccharides individual saccharides to ultimately get absorbed so if everything is functioning in the way that it would be normally you're breaking those things down and those simple sugars get absorbed and increase your blood sugar but if those polysaccharides and disaccharides don't really get broken down into monosaccharides they don't hop on the transporter and get into the bloodstream and raise our glucose they actually just get passed through and ultimately become gut food well it looks like the phenylic compounds can impact the enzymes that would normally break down those bonds so if those bonds are not like are they remaining they're not getting broken down these sugars remain bound together and don't absorb the same this happens within our gut and it very well could be a result of the phenolic compounds at least based upon the research that we're seeing now the other side is a piece that I've talked about in other videos that is very important the pure acidity of the actual juice itself this is why I feel like you should use the whole lime and the whole limit right because you get the Finland compounds that are approximately 13 percent higher in the peel than in the juice based upon a journal of food measurement and characterization study but you also get a really interesting effect from the juice just being highly acidic similar to vinegar okay this is going to affect salivary amylase so this affects carbohydrate digestion when it starts in your mouth so the juice is impacting breakdown of carbs and slowing it down by actually reducing what your gut creates because it's sensing more acidity so you have a three-pronged approach okay you have inhibition of alpha amylase inhibition of Alpha glucosidases and inhibition of salivary amylase in the mouth if you eat the whole lemon so a little bit of Peel zested on your food a little bit of juice in your water and that's what we're looking at anyway I'm just a guy on the internet so what do I know I'll see you tomorrow

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