The Surprising Thing That Decreases Your Metabolism by 12% (how to stop it)

12 percent decrease in metabolism that is a lot and that adds up right so what can potentially be triggering this now when I first heard this research it really blew my mind but then when I started thinking about it it makes perfect sense okay we have these sodium potassium pumps and these are critical for muscle function critical for nerve function critical for an action potential to essentially go from our brain and Signal a muscle to contract so sodium helps our muscle contract and potassium essentially helps our muscle relax that's a very simple way of putting it now we know that moving our body affects our metabolism the more we move our body the higher our metabolism is Right makes perfect sense well let's dive in because this is very very interesting after today's video there is a 30 off discount link for Thrive market so if you are looking to get groceries at a better rate delivered to your doorstep I definitely recommend you check them out so that link down below it allows you 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potassium in and out to ultimately trigger this muscle contraction an electrical signal okay so sodium helps contract potassium helps it relax think of it like that so we've seen in research now that these sodium potassium pumps decrease in speed by 18 percent they become 18 slower now when researchers took a look at this 18 percent they said okay well how does this equate to actual metabolic rate and that's how they come up with okay about a 12 decrease in metabolic rate Associated simply by our sodium potassium pumps not moving fast enough now when you adjust for muscle mass this equates to about a hundred calories fewer being burned per day so by the time your sodium potassium pumps have slowed down you're burning 100 calories less than you were before think about how quickly that can add up there's 3 500 calories in a pound of fat it would take 35 days at this rate to gain a pound of fat you can see how it creeps on pretty slowly and I don't know you don't know what's happening right so the real question is how do we prevent this how do we protect this well we look at the research and we see muscle mass seems to be a pretty important thing well muscle mass is definitely going to be important the more muscle mass you have the more sodium potassium pumps you're going to have definitely build muscle definitely work on that but a piece that people don't think about a lot is your VO2 max if you work on your VO2 max there's a direct correlation with your VO2 max being higher and your metabolic rate being higher as you get older and that's not just me talking there's legit research behind this the journal of clinical Endocrinology metabolism published a paper that took a look at aerobic exercise VO2 max and they found that exercise specifically aerobic mitigated the metabolic slowdown that was associated with age okay now they found that that was direct line item correlated to VO2 max the higher the VO2 max the less metabolic slowdown so we find that aerobic capacity plays a role so that means the more that you can work towards improving your aerobic capacity not just doing basic cardio but actually pushing the envelope and getting yourself to that aerobic threshold getting yourself all the way to your at your aerobic capacity it's starting to go anaerobic that's the kind of stuff you need to do to maintain your metabolism you know what the bad news is that's the hard work that's where hard work does come in and I hate to say it but that does apply there's no easy way out you got to do the hard work the reason that it's related to metabolic slowdown is probably multiple fold for one you're maintaining mitochondrial density that's very important the mitochondria energy Powerhouse within the cell those usually become dysfunctional and start to kind of wean off as age goes on but if you can maintain the Integrity of those by doing a lot of endurance work and doing work like this then that's going to be great but you're also maintaining the sodium potassium pumps think about those sodium pumps as like fuel injectors those fuel injectors eventually get older right and in a car and you've got to change them out eventually but with sodium potassium pumps not necessarily injectors but they're these pumps and they slow down because maybe they're not as good at receiving a signal they don't pump as much but if you maintain them you're going to maintain them better and they're going to continue to do their job just like with a fuel injector if you were to let your gas tank get super low and then just kind of not drive all the time and it collects Gunk you'll clog your injectors you got to run some of that seafoam stuff through it and actually get it to clear out same kind of stuff with your sodium potassium pump keep them pumping keep them working and you might not lose that 12 percent your metabolism so it's a pretty important Rule and something that's very very eye-opening in terms of what is triggering our metabolic slowdown I'll see you tomorrow

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