The Strongest Antioxidant for the Brain is Being Discovered (EAT THIS FRUIT)

hey did you hear about Barnaby he's been eating three acai bowls a day and now the ladies are just like all over him [Music] I actually laugh a little bit because acai bowls are not like really acai I mean they are but there's so much sugar so much granola you're not getting the benefits so I want to just make sure that I come right out and say do not watch the first 60 seconds of this video and think that you can go down to your local Piggly Wiggly and get a acai bowl and you're gonna be fine it goes a little bit more in depth than that I used to Reign on the acai parade a lot until I started understanding kind of the research behind it now what makes acai berry so unique isn't the fact that it's you know this super antioxidant Rich thing it's the fact that it actually seems to get into the bloodstream and I'll reference some research here in a minute but what's making it more intriguing to me is the newer rodent model research that's coming out in terms of it being a good Berry for the brain I'm all about the brain okay so we'll talk about that in just a second the cool thing with acai to begin with is when it's not overly saturated with sugar like it is an acai Bowl it's actually a very like kind of dull Berry it doesn't have a whole lot of flavor it doesn't have a whole lot of Sweetness in 100 gram serving you've got like two grams of sugar and you got five grams of fat which are actually a pretty decent fat too so that's what gives it that buttery kind of smooth consistency why it works so well in smoothies but you always want to get one that's unsweetened anyhow what makes it so unique is the fact that it has a very high oxygen radical absorbency capacity that means that it has a lot of capacity to neutralize free radicals now its score is over a fifteen thousand to give you context blueberries which are touted as a super antioxidant Rich Berry are only at four thousand five hundred so we're 3x that of blueberries with significantly less sugar so definitely better in that world however normally I kind of rain on the antioxidant like whole parade with berries to begin with because it doesn't a get into your system that well it's not super bioavailable but I also think it's best to exercise and up regulate your body's own antioxidants we have antioxidants in our body I don't need a berry to do the work for me if I take care of my body then my body will upregulate superoxide dismutase it'll upregulate glutathione but when you look at the research with acai it's cool there's a study that's published in the Journal of Agriculture and food chemistry it took a look at 12 subjects and it gave them either acai pulp or acai juice or control and it found that the acai pulp not the Jews did drive up their antioxidant levels in their blood when they measured it afterwards which is actually pretty rare you don't see a market increase typically demonstrated so the fact that that 15 000 orac score actually translated into something that was potentially bioavailable and digestible was very promising that got me more interested in looking at the rodent model research that I had seen little glimpses about in the brain so we'll get into that in just a second and a lot of people do ask what about like the freeze-dried acai what about acai powder yes you can still get a benefit from that because it's retaining the antioxidant component in like a freeze-dried or even spray dried form so like straight unsweetened acai powder can still be good or those little Frozen sachets I did put a link down below for Thrive Market I do know for a fact that they have some acai powders on their site so I'll go ahead and Link them down below but the link below that I'll put there first is a 25 off discount link for Thrive market so you don't just get acai powder from Thrive Market they have thousands of different items it's an online membership-based grocery store so like if you're doing low carb or you're vegan or maybe you're paleo it's allowing you to shop based upon how you eat it's really really interesting and that link will save you 25 off your initial grocery order plus get a free gift and then you wait a couple of days it's at your doorstep and they don't just have Pantry Staples they actually have like sustainable Meat and seafood options too so you can virtually do your entire grocery shopping for generally less than what you would pay at most grocery stores and you never have to leave the house it's pretty awesome that link is down below 25 off and a free gift and a big thank you to them for the continued support on this channel so there are two studies that were published in the journal nutrition Neuroscience okay the first one was talking about specific reductions in inflammation and reactive oxygen species within the hippocampus region of the brain in rodents in this case and also in the prefrontal cortex now generally speaking in other research that I've seen if you start to modulate inflammation within the hippocampus you can see improvements in memory you can see all things that are related with that and the frontal cortex is associated with like logical Forward Thinking so very promising stuff there now this same study also demonstrated that there was an improvement in what's called autophagy those of you that are veterans of my channel know I talk about autophagy a lot when it's related to intermittent fasting because it's the survival of the fittest components and if it's happening in our brain or in this case rodent brain it is demonstrating that unused sort of weak decrepit components of cells are old organelles of cells are getting broken down and used as fuel for the cells that are thriving survival of the fittest the weaker cells are getting broken down so that the stronger cells can Thrive even more so promising stuff there with the autophagy too that goes in line with that modulation of inflammation and increase of combating reactive oxygen species now the other study that was published in the same Journal demonstrated that acai had promising effects at improving the cognitive function of older aging mice so there's a lot of different things that could go on in an aging person aging rodent aging just organism altogether so too many things to really list but if acai is improving the cognitive function that's the main thing we're focusing on what they've noticed in this case is less inflammation in the microglial cells now the microglial cells make up what is called kind of the immune system of the brain the microglial cells combat the pathogens that may cross through the blood-brain barrier and it's there as a very good thing but if it's overactive possibly in an aging brain who knows because of high levels of reactive oxygen species so if there's a lot of reactive oxygen species then the microglial cells within the brain are already just inflamed and that could be causing other issues so with this we take it with a grain of salt because we don't know that's necessarily going to apply directly into humans but what we do know is that antioxidants are pretty darn good and when they're actually absorbed and utilized we might be getting a positive effect so if we see this happening as getting into the bloodstream in humans and we're seeing this potential effect positively in rodents I think more research needs to be done but it's very promising and it's enough for me to start adding it into my diet because whether I am low carb or keto or anything two grams of sugar per 100 gram serving acai is not going to be affecting me in a negative way I think it could only help so as always keep it locked to hear my channel and I'll see you tomorrow

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