New Evidence on Fasted Cardio is Hard to Ignore (interesting study)

you know if I had a Genie in a Bottle I think one of the wishes that I would probably make is being able to eat more without gaining weight and I know I'm not alone with that I like food and I'm not about to say that you can go out willy-nilly and eat whatever you want but there's some interesting research that throws a wrench in the typical thermodynamic discussion of calories and calories out and all this but it's good news right it's really good news so there was a study that was published in the journal physiology looking at fasted exercise but not in the traditional fasted exercise burns more fat type sense a very interesting one that was looking at being able to offset metabolic issues by doing exercise in a fasted state it was very interesting okay so what they did is they made subjects eat 30 percent more calories so they're in a 30 Surplus high fat diet so 30 more calories from fat then what they have them do is they have them do four days of either fasted exercise or four days of fed exercise so carbs before the X exercise and then one group that was a control they did this for six weeks and they found that body weight increased in all the groups no surprise with the exception of the fasted group that's bizarre because they were eating in a 30 Surplus the FED group was still exercising but they gained weight the fasted group was exercising in a fasted State still in a 30 Surplus but they didn't gain weight so as fasted exercise magic no nothing is really magic but we're learning that something is happening here okay so when you start looking mechanistically and you look more at the granular detail of this study we see some other stuff well there is a 28 increase in muscle glute four glute 4 is what takes glucose out of the bloodstream and brings it into the muscle we store carbs in the muscle the more muscle we have the bigger the sink we have to dispose of glucose it's like a big glucose disposal like a garbage disposal that eats up glucose and puts it to good use rather than storage so if we have more glut4 we have more Nets being able to grab that glucose here's what probably drove the biggest change based upon what I know already there was a 25 increase in what's called ampk phosphorylation so when you reduce calories you phosphorylate ampk and that's sort of the switch that tells your body you are in a deficit start pulling from your stored tissue well it's a dimmer switch not a light switch so if you turn it on just a little bit you burn a little bit more you pull a little bit more from your stored fuel but if you crank that up even more down even more then you start burning more so if you have a 25 more activation or phosphorylation of ampk you have that much more of a quote-unquote deficit so you're deeper in a deficit not by a literal thermodynamic calorie for calorie unit of measure sense but in sort of this metabolic activation sense so that really could have been driving a lot of this and the benefits of phosphorylating ampk stand the benefits of a caloric deficit whether it's one percent or 100 are amazing so no one's denying that but there is also an up regulation in the Transporters that bring fat into a cell called cd36 so the cd36 increase means that maybe the body was able to utilize fat better this was only six weeks this doesn't mean it can last forever we don't know for sure and it's a decently small study but it confirms some of the interesting stuff but let's talk about how you want to eat right after this because this matters too all the benefits that you got from this fasted workout really come around metabolic optimization and glucose metabolism so it would make sense that after your workout it would be totally okay to have some carbohydrates right generally speaking yes it's probably the decent time to do it but I've even said to do that before but there's newer research that's starting to shift to how we want to time our carbs so I'm going to talk about a study that was published in the journal nutrients that's going to change the way you look at post-workout nutrition it did for me one thing still stands right after your workout have protein have some lean chicken breasts have some lean beef have some egg whites maybe something lean have a whey protein shake a lot of times I'll use Sun Warrior protein shakes they have one that's called the active line I put a link down below that's the protein shake that I personally use because it's a pumpkin seed protein alongside a bunch of other really cool things so it's got probiotics in it it's got enzymes to help the protein actually digest especially when I'm on a super empty stomach so that link is down below that is a 20 off discount link too best part is probably one of the better tasting protein shakes let alone a plant-based protein shake that I've ever had don't get me wrong I still have whey protein shakes I have egg white protein shakes I eat meat I eat liver I eat spleen I'm not vegan I'm not even vegetarian but I really do like this protein powder because I like how it sits with me and I like how I recover from it so it's called their active line so that link is down below they have chocolate they have vanilla again 20 off using that code and that link Down Below in the description so that's the chance always the protein but now evidence is suggesting we might want to wait 30 or 60 minutes before we have our carbs why well this study took a look at people that did 90 minutes of exercise and after their exercise they gave them a carbohydrate drink that replenished exactly how many carbs they burned in their workout or they gave them a fake carb drink that was a placebo the group that had the carbohydrates actually ended up with worse insulin sensitivity their insulin resistance got worse what is going on here well basically the post-exercise benefit of glucose disposal can be offset by taking carbs in this is newer stuff what this means is that you're getting all this benefit being in a fasted workout if you have carbs right after it it actually offsets the benefit of the exercise and can make your glucose tolerance worse English please carbohydrates right after a workout immediately stop the benefits of the workout and actually kind of erase a little bit of the glucose benefit you get still needs some work to understand what's going on here but you don't need to change much if you want to get nuanced with it and have fun and be really optimized have your protein right after a workout and then 30 minutes or 60 minutes later have your carbs if you even want to have them it's not a necessity and this works in a lot of different cases if you've even not been training in a fasted State maybe you went into a workout and had some carbs pre or intra workout let that be the fuel that you need this just changes how we stagger our post-workout fuel protein then a little bit later carbs then a little bit later you're okay to have the fats I always like to keep my post-workout nutrition as lean and as mean as I possibly can so as always keep it locked and hear my channel I'll see you tomorrow

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