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five budget-friendly changes that you can make to your nutrition and five budget-friendly ways to start investing I'm here with jasperi Singh you might know him as minority mindset on YouTube and Instagram Jasper thanks for hopping off hey man thank you for having me on you bet I'll let you jump in first so we're going to go back and forth so he's going to share hey here's a way that you don't have to be a millionaire to make an investment and I'm gonna say hey here's a way you don't have to be a millionaire to start changing your health and we're going to go back and forth with five each so I'll let you kick off you've got to check out Thrive Market seriously like if you are trying to just make better choices and you're trying to also save some money you've got to check them out so what it is is it's an online grocery store but everything that they have there are products that they have vetted in terms of being better for you options so it's not like go into your regular like Piggly Wiggly grocery store and you know Finding whatever junk is in the aisles it's really finding things that are good options for you but then it gets delivered to your doorstep in a day or two it's super easy super convenient but that link down below since they're a sponsored on this channel saves you 25 off your entire grocery order that's 25 off your entire order plus a free gift and then it gets delivered to your doorstep so you save money there plus you save money not having to go to the grocery store plus you save your time not having to walk around the grocery store plus you save your time not having to talk to Rick your weird neighbor that you ran into at the grocery store so that link is down below check them out after this video the first thing I would say the quickest way to increase your wealth is next time you get a raise next time you get an increase in your salary do not inflate your lifestyle most people have this sense of feeling that if I just made more money I'll be able to invest more money but statistically what we've seen happen is When people's incomes go from here to here their expenses go from here to here which is why when the majority people make more money they actually end up digging themselves into a bigger Financial hole because now you make more money you can qualify for bigger credit cards you can qualify for more debt and then you spend more money so the simple thing that you can do is next time you make more money do not increase your lifestyle or maybe just increase your lifestyle marginally and take that additional money and test it smart move okay and on the nutrition side simple thing is eat a bigger breakfast and it sounds like Thomas that sounds like you're going to make me spend more money I'm gonna have to eat a bigger breakfast no studies are very very clear with this that the larger that you have a meal in the morning the more satiated you are throughout the course of the day and on average people end up consuming a couple hundred less calories per day when they consolidate a lot of their calories to the beginning of the day and it has to do with satiety hormones it has to do with kind of gut increase and how it communicates with the brain but it doesn't take a lot more money to well it does take a lot more money to add eggs these days but it's you know it doesn't take a lot more money to add one more egg to breakfast or a scoop of whey protein powder that costs 33 cents a scoop right and increase your protein and increase your satiety level by doing that in the morning it's such a budget friendly hack where you don't even have to change anything but the allocation of what you are already eating interesting I like that the second thing that I would say has to do with now how you're investing your money see most people assume that if I want to invest my money in the stock market I have to find the next Amazon before it becomes Amazon the issue with that is when most people try to do that they end up losing money like we were just talking about how the stock market historically has gone up on average 10 a year that doesn't mean it goes up every year we've gone through multiple crashes almost a crash every decade yet on average it has gone up every year yet at the same time most people lose their money in the market so what do you do well instead of trying to find the next Amazon stock just invest your money into the market there are things called ETFs there's other funds as well like index funds and mutual funds ETFs I would say are the most accessible these are ways now for you to invest your money into the General stock market instead of trying to find the next Amazon or the next Google so I'll give you a few examples this is not investment advice just a example vti is an ETF that gives the exposure to the total stock market if you invested that one ETF vti you get exposure to the United States stock market spy that's an ETF that gives you exposure to the biggest 500 companies in the stock market called the S P 500 Dia is an ETF that gives the exposure to the Dow Jones and QQQ is an ETF that gives the exposure to the NASDAQ so now these are different if you invest in each any one of these ticker symbols you're getting exposure to one of the most popular and well-known funds or indexes in the stock market and now you are literally just investing your money into the stock market and historically what we've seen is if you keep your money in the markets long enough well you're going to be able to build a lot of wealth over the long term but it requires you not just to understand you don't have to do the most sexy thing and find the next Amazon but do the thing that actually produces real wealth interesting that's a hard everyone to beat so with that I'm going to say okay how much does it cost to have a to get a lemon what does a Lemon cost these days maybe what like probably 25 cents for a limit yeah okay this is interesting so if you start having lemon water with your meals it sounds like such a like a cheeky like I always say woo-woo witch doctory thing to do but the evidence behind the Citrus effect the actual effect of lemons on amylase which is an enzyme that breaks down starches is profound so by having like the juice of a half a lemon or a full lemon if you want to be really frisky that can literally delay how long it takes to break down carbohydrates so if you're sitting down and you're having I'm just going to use an extreme example a big bowl of pasta or something a bunch of carbohydrates well you're going to have a pretty big glucose Spike that's going to come along with that and that's not exactly the best thing for uh metabolic Health right I mean as long as your glucose comes back down insulin is doing its job it's not bad right and one would argue oh you have to be in a caloric Surplus for this to be a problem but I think most of the research is starting to agree that like refined starches and copious amounts are not good so what does this lemon water do well because it impacts the enzyme activity of what breaks down those starches it makes it so that the starches break down slow so instead of having this crazy Spike you get more of a gentle bell curve that your body has the ability to deal with so the same kind of thing can be done with apple cider vinegar too so tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon water or a little bit of both well I did not know that I might start drinking my lemon water with my dinners number three is don't save all of your money and this one's going to sound counterintuitive because growing up like I was always told save save save but what happens when you save your money is if money is just sitting still it's essentially dead it's not doing anything but now inflation has become a much more popular term inflation essentially without getting into the nitty-gritty of what inflation is it essentially means that the prices of things are going up and so if inflation is higher than the interest rate that you're getting at your bank with your savings which right now that's what we're seeing happen that means your savings are slowly losing value that means in essence each and every day that you're saving your money in the bank you're becoming poorer because your savings are losing value so now this doesn't mean you shouldn't save any money this means you need to save your money strategically that means you want to save some money for an emergency I would say at the minimum three months worth of expenses save that so calculate what is your monthly expenses multiply by three that is the minimum you should be saving and then on the high end I would say 12 months worth of expenses so you take your monthly expenses multiply that by 12 that's the max you want to save now after you save that money the rest of the money you're saving should be money you're going to invest it doesn't mean it has to be invested today but this money should be putting aside to invest because now when you invest your money into assets with their stocks so real estate or something else now you're working to grow this money that way you can beat inflation or at least match inflation that way now your money is growing instead of losing value nice okay well in that similar vein we can talk about the quality of nutrients that you might get in Fruit you're thinking how is that in a similar vein well no it's all about making something work for you okay so I'm going to talk specifically about fruits for a second I want people to opt for the darkest colored Berry or the darkest colored fruits that they can consume okay why do I say this and why is it budget friendly well because if you were to go out and you were to get say let's say a mango I don't have a whole lot of bad things to say about mangoes except they don't have a lot of nutritional value okay it's a lot of sugar a lot of fructose and really unless you're burning that stuff off it's probably not doing a heck of a lot of good but you take something like a blueberry or a Blackberry or a boysenberry or these berries that are choke berries which are harder to find but they're like one of the most nutrient dense those dark pigments that is something called anthocyanins These are polyphenols that directly impact how we metabolize glucose but they also directly impact our brain and neuroinflammation so they impact how we feel how we think there have been a lot of rodent model studies in some human studies that have demonstrated that anthocyanins directly impact how our brain operates and improve cognitive function literally can improve cognitive performance in the short term and cognitive sustainability and just improvements or preventing cognitive decline over the long term so worried about neurodegenerative conditions things like that so it comes down to okay well bang for the buck mangoes are not the cheapest fruit good organic blueberries are not the cheapest fruit either but the bang for the buck that you get from a darker colored Berry it's a budget-friendly way that you can squeeze 20x the benefit out of that sweet fruit that you're going to have right if you're going to have something sweet you might as well have it actually do work for you so it's like an investment in your body and these polyphenols it sounds like again it's woo-woo witch doctor stuff well polyphenols like flavonols Finland compounds it sounds like you're just trying to sprinkle whatever like nonsense you can no the data is there like I don't talk about things that aren't rooted in evidence and the polyphenols do impact how we metabolize carbohydrates they improve how we metabolize fats they improve our satiety they improve our brain and you'll probably feel really good eating it because they taste damn good wow I like that one I'm going to come back to that little kind of counter that with now a simple rule the rule of five which I say when it comes to spending money which is now if you can't buy five of them you can't afford one of them because most of the times we assume that if I have a hundred dollars in the bank I can go out and afford a hundred dollar pair of shoes and this is where I want you to change the way you start thinking about money and not live in this what I call Net Zero thinking which is I have a hundred dollars I should be able to spend a hundred dollars we're going to be working to make ourselves Rich first by using some money for ourselves and the simplest way to know that now is don't just buy buy something because you can buy it buy things if you can afford it and how do you know if you can afford it well for things that are not Necessities for our lives if you can't buy five of them you can't afford one of them interesting all right so with that let's talk about one that I actually mentioned earlier on another video that we did that I think is a tremendous budget friendly way to help you from spending too much money at the store and that's when you had mentioned going to the store and being like hey like if you you have this 24-hour rule which is great you know basically if you want to buy something impulse then no come back 24 hours later and see if you still need it uh you know rule number one and a lot of people know this you never go to the grocery store hungry okay let's just get that out of the way never ever ever my wife and I have sometimes a terrible habit of like when we have our date nights um sometimes we literally just go to the store to go to Costco or something because it's like the only time we can like just go to the store and just like where you want to go it's too cold to go out for a walk let's go walk around Costco yeah yeah and uh and it's like we do that before we go to dinner and it's like oh shoot oh my gosh we just walked out of there with 300 worth of stuff like groceries right like it's just because everything looks good uh and how different that can be if you drink a glass of water or two 16 ounce is usually what I say because it's kind of the threshold it's like eight ounces isn't quite enough at 16 ounces you get a little bit of a gustatory response uh that absolutely does have an impact within about 10 or 15 minutes on your appetite and this is this is demonstrated quite clearly like water does kill your appetite so before you go grab a Twix or before you go into the grocery store do any grocery shopping it doesn't cost you any money to drink 16 ounces of water and trust me it will make the decision making that much better and you think okay well that's great it's going to improve how I shop well you might not realize this but that's going to improve the rest of your week because then what is your home stocked with so that one pivotal decision that one that's the one of the biggest levers you can make is having the knowledge and the willpower and the strength to go into the store and choose the right Foods I like that and I'm going to end with a rule just like that one so you you got that uh the 30 minute rule to drink the water I'm going to end with the basic rule of how do you use your money and the key like we've been talking about is you don't want to spend all your money but you want to create a system so you know how to use your money and what I like to say is start with a simple rule of thumb like the 75 15 10 and which says that for every dollar that you earn from here on out 75 cents is the maximum that you can spend 15 cents is the minimum that you're investing and 10 cents is the minimum that you're saving now when you do that you're automatically paying yourself first and when I say pay yourself first I mean you're investing money first you're saving money first and then you also have money to spend but you're not spending your money and then investing whatever's left because when you do that you never have any money left to invest so you want to make sure you put that money aside to invest first and an easy way now because if you're saying how am I going to live off only 75 percent of what I make well if the government taxed you an additional 25 percent you're going to kick scream complain and then you're gonna find a way to pay it just like that you gotta create that discipline of knowing I'm going to live below my means and maybe that means I got to follow like what you're saying the 24-hour rule where before I go buy something that I want I wait 24 hours to see if I still want it after 24 hours that way now you can cut down somewhere are spending so you have the money to invest and you have a money to save that way you can build your wealth before you make everybody else wealthy interesting and if we're doing rules then I've got a good rule that people can follow too and that's a simple 12-hour Rule and what I mean by that is the 12 hours of not eating rule if you stop eating at 7 pm don't eat until 7 A.M the next day if you stop eating at 8 pm don't eat until 8 A.M the next day the biggest problem that we have with nutrition in today's world is very similar to the biggest problem we have in finance which is over consumption and not giving ourselves every a break to recoup it's like generating money and spending money it's the same thing as like consuming calories and expending calories it's like you need to be expending more calories than you are taking in you need to be making more than you're burning or than you're spending excuse me but in this case taking a 12-hour break from food gives your body a chance to a kind of restore but B you're allowing insulin levels to come back down to Baseline if you're constantly bombarding yourself with food all of the time then you're chronically keeping insulin levels elevated and although the data is clear on calories being very important the data is also very clear on time restricted feeding giving yourself breaks from food adequate breaks and people might think oh 12 hours that sounds like a long time that sounds like fasting a lot of people get pretty close to 12 hours without even realizing it the one difference I want people to be able to make is that that 12 hours needs to be a very clear and defined 12 hours where inside that 12 hour period sure you could have some black coffee you could have some green tea but you're not taking in more than a couple of calories that would just be coming from that like there's no food no creamers no sweeteners it's just 12 hours of clear fasting okay just only clear liquids that's all that's coming in and this allows those insulin levels to stabilize so that when you do start eating again you've regained what's called insulin sensitivity where your cells are able to utilize the fuel that you brought in you just increased the value of your nutritional dollar if you want to call it that because now the nutrition that you do take in the protein you do take in your body is going to suck it up and want to utilize it better it's a very colloquial way of putting it but that insulin sensitivity is what prevents us from becoming insulin resistant developing diabetes dealing with all these issues that plague us later in life much like investing making healthy decisions might be more difficult today but it impacts us directly 20 years from now and it's hard for us to think 20 years in advance so make the decisions now and it makes all the difference in the world now buy what you're consuming if you're going to the Apple Store if you're eating at Chipotle the simplest way to start investing if you don't know what to do if you're really confused and you just want to start investing is buy what you're already spending money on if you go and invest in one of the Chipotle stock you become one of the owners of Chipotle if you buy one share of Apple you become one of the owners of the Apple company so now what can you do if you want to start well if you're going to spend a dollar at Apple spend 25 cents buying the stock if you're going to spend a thousand dollars buy the new iPhone spend 250 dollars buying that stock NOW does this guarantee you're going to make money on that no but this is a way for you to get started that way once you start investing I guarantee you you're going to become more interested on what you're investing your money in because now you're going to want to research is Apple making money are they a good company are they a bad company and as soon as you become invested because now you got skin in the game you're going to start learning because now you have your money in it and if you're already spending money there well chances are other people are too and that could make for a great investment now because now at least you're owning what you're consuming that's a very good point now with that I'll finish up on probably the biggest lever that people can pull and that's going to be improving your sleep well okay that's cheesy thanks Thomas it's great for you to say that but how the heck do I do that there's a couple of different ways but I'll give a very simple direct way that people can try to improve their sleep and it's kind of a three-tiered approach okay for one it's cutting out the blue light as close to bedtime as you can or at least limiting the blue light exposure right the reason that this is so important is it's all coming down to melatonin production in the brain if we are constantly exposed to even artificial light not just blue light from the TV if you're going to watch TV Turn All the Lights Off you know it's still blue light but at the end of the day it is dose dependent what that means is like the amount of blue light matters okay so if you have all the lights on in the house and you have the TV on and you're looking at your phone that's a lot of blue light and that it basically impedes melatonin production so it impacts your sleep and you may not even realize it but it's impacting how your actual sleep waves are patterning and what's happening and I understand that not everyone wants to be a weirdo and wear blue light blocking classes not everyone wants to shut their phone down I don't even fully shut my phone down right I still have to deal with things I have a silver business to run but I do turn off all the lights in the house I try to get it as dark as possible I try to get it as dark as possible I think that's very very important the second prong to this is try not to eat two to three hours before bedtime which goes right in line in dovetails with that last one that I talked about cut it out at seven then you can eat at seven a.m the next day if you go to bed at 10 cut it out at seven and these are all very important because sleep is the biggest Catalyst now I'm going to come back to the third things that's more of a hack thing that you can actually do but before I share that I'll explain why it's so important okay so the studies have demonstrated that just one night of bad sleep can reduce your glucose tolerance immensely four nights of bad sleep can ruin it over 50 percent and it's all temporary but that means that if you go out and you eat a bunch of sugar after four nights of poor sleep your glycemic response your blood sugar response to that is going to be tremendously worse than if you were fully rested meaning the actual metabolic impact of the food that you eat is tremendously changed based upon how you slept your food decision making is tremendously impacted okay the food in which you choose to buy everything is changed when you sleep when you don't sleep or when you sleep so the last one is one that's really interesting I talked about this on Instagram and it's utilizing like a quarter cup of tart cherry juice a couple hours before bed it is super cheap you can get tart cherry juice organic tart cherry juice at Walmart for I think seven dollars and you need less than a quarter cup to help you sleep it increases melatonin levels it's super high in tryptophan so it improves melatonin uptake into the brain and yeah you could say why don't I just take a melatonin supplement I could give you a million reasons not take melatonin something that's not a good use of your money I'm all about doing the muscle we can with food and that's you're talking like you know Pennies on the dollar for how much you're able to get effectiveness of sleep and it's probably gonna make the biggest impact wow that's awesome man so man where can everyone find you well if you want to learn more about the money side of things you can go to minority mindset on YouTube you can also check out the minoritymindset.com cool right on thanks brother I appreciate you man

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