If Only I Knew This About Fat Loss 5 Years Ago

these are the things that do not work for me when it comes down to Fat Loss it doesn't mean that they won't work for other people it doesn't mean that they're inherently wrong it doesn't mean they're even scientifically wrong I've just been doing this for a very long time and I've figured out what works for me but arguably the more important thing is to know what doesn't work for me and I want to be able to share that because I know a lot of people try to emulate what I do and even though I'm not the same as you you might be able to learn something or maybe pick up one or two things so I'm going to jump right into the first one the first thing that does not work for me is eating more than three or four meals per day even if I'm in a caloric deficit I just don't feel right and when I'm wearing a continuous glucose monitor my glucose is high all day when I do that and there's a good chance that I've just conditioned myself to be really good at utilizing minimal fuels or going so often in a Time restricted feeding like intermittent fasting fashion that I just don't Thrive eating multiple times per day it just comes down to it after like three or four meals I feel bloated and I truly have a hard time staying lean I feel like I retain water I've gotten to a point now where I can consolidate my calories into a four or six hour eight hour eating window pretty regularly and not have a huge problem I feel like I I stay leaner that way and I have less water retention now the next one is a very important piece because it has to do with intermittent fasting the next thing that does not work for me when it comes down to Fat Loss is fasting every day there was a period of my life when I was going through my 100 pound transformation where yes like I fasted almost every day if I fast every day nowadays I feel weak I feel like I start retaining water again and I find it easier to put fat on and I've talked about this in various videos but it comes down to fasting being an anomaly I want fasting to be a shock so if I normally eat two or three meals per day just kind of throughout the day and then two or three times per week aggressively restrict calories with fasting it maintains its Effectiveness and it keeps me lean if I start fasting too much it just doesn't work it does not apply the same effect anymore the next thing that I found with me is anything over about 150 grams of carbohydrates per day on a very high carb day for me it that just becomes too much I have found that my tolerable upper intake is about 150 grams now what does that really mean well that's a very very specific thing but I feel like in a state of authenticity and kind of sharing what works and what doesn't that's just where the line is for me after that I'm very brain foggy my glucose stays very high now you have to factor in the equation that when I was very very overweight before I made myself type 2 diabetic during that period of time so we have to acknowledge that I probably still pay a little bit of a price for that meaning I probably do not manage glucose super super well that's not something that you can just like reverse overnight it's been 10 years and I think I still pay a price for it but that being said I know I'm talking to a lot of people that deal with the same kind of thing so I found that maybe it's an arbitrary number but like anything over 150 160 it's just it goes downhill from there I also noticed that even when I'm trying to drop body fat it's like if my carbs are super high I just have a harder time again that's totally independent that could just be me but it's worth mentioning the next thing that seems to stand in the way I know I can't say it stands in the way of fat loss but indirectly it does is any kind of MSG when I eat MSG it messes up my sleep for days okay now do I have science to back it up I have rodent model data to back it up I mean I have seen data pretty clear with rodents but it doesn't mean it works with humans that basically the lighting up of the brain that happens from MSG because it's sort of excitatory it tilts the brain towards its glutamate scale affects their sleep and it affects their appetite it can affect all kinds of things I noticed that with me I feel like it lights my brain up so much that I'm craving food for days and I don't sleep for a couple of days I'm that sensitive to it and again maybe that's just me but it's also falls in line with like these hyper palatable Foods right it's like we're always bombarded with foods that activate our reward sensors so much that we need to constantly be seeking out that same sort of dopamine hit and I find that MSG just kind of stands in the way of that it does not mean that it will do it to you like in SG I can't find any data that demonstrates that it's unsafe or unhealthy but what it does to the brain is pretty clear because that's the whole idea of it the next one I found is that eating a low meat diet just doesn't really work well for me like I can survive I can feel pretty good mentally but even if I am getting the same amount of protein from like protein shakes or from uh even yogurt things like that like I can get that protein in but it's not the same like maybe it's the lack of creatine that's in red meat maybe it's the lack of various amino acids that I would get out of meat maybe it's the lack of leucine that I'm you know not getting from meat if I'm going low meat but I've tried it I've tried vegetarian I've done stents where I've even done vegan for the sake of content not because I really wanted to but because I wanted to experiment with it but I've also just reduced meat just to see hey like what happens if I try to get more protein in but reduce the meat consumption my strength goes down consequently my workout performance goes down consequently my calories out goes down because my energy expenditure goes down I feel cold I don't feel like I'm getting a thermic effect like I normally do and my sleep suffers and it's just I've grown to accept that maybe I just need to have meat in my diet maybe it's a result of having some muscle on Me Maybe it's a result of being very active but my advice would be if you're an active person there's probably a good chance you need more protein and possibly a good chance you need more meat maybe it's just the way that it is but who am I to say I'm just a dude on the internet right side note personal level I get a lot of my meat from butcherbox which I put a link down below they are an online meat delivery company so they have really good cuts of meat now when I talk about some of these other things that I'm going to talk about it'll make sense why I do this but I usually opt for their leaner Cuts I go for like their fillets I go for their leaner New York steaks I go for a lot of their chicken I go for a lot of their flank steaks and I really like their like stew cuts that you can put in stew and things like that anyway it's all grass-fed grass finish I popped the link down below I don't want to make this contrived that's not the idea here I just like to share things that I do that also make sense because they've been a sponsor on this channel for a long time and a good majority of the meat that I eat is now through butcher box because it's what I consider to be the highest quality so that link is down below that gets you some of the cuts that I would typically choose and then they get delivered to your doorstep and there is a free ground life for a year promotion going on so when you sign up with butcherbox you get ground beef throughout the entirety of your membership with butcher box which is pretty cool so that link is down below now interest interestingly enough the next one that I found that just doesn't work for me is doing fed workouts in the morning okay I will work out with food in my system sometimes like don't get me wrong I'm not like a monster that only works out fasted but when it comes to morning time I just need to be fasted like I find like if I start eating meals right when I roll out of bed a I'm just eating too early in the day and that's just starting my calorie load like too early on so by the end of the day I've ultimately consumed more calories because I'm rolling out of bed at like 5 5 30 a.m and I work out shortly thereafter so if I'm eating before I work out that means I'm eating at like 5 30 a.m which means I'm starting my eating window like way earlier than I normally do plus my workouts feel like garbage because I don't think I've fully digested but also I think my body is just adapted to training in a fasted State I legitimately feel and I know the evidence is pretty like split right like it's like people that train in a Fed State usually can feel like they work out a little harder and they get similar benefits to those that work out in a fast estate I don't necessarily think one is better or worse you have to do what works for you but man I will tell you it doesn't work for me like even so much as like if my workouts in the afternoon are in a Fed State I just it's a struggle I mentally am not there I think something about being in a fasted State when I train I feel like maybe that fight or flight kicks in where it's like survival it's like I gotta go I gotta do this workout I gotta I'm on fire my brain's going and I just like that feeling so when I start eating before my workouts like if I was robotic sure I could still lose fat but I find it much more difficult for me because my calories are more and my workouts are sluggish the next one is kind of weird it's going to ruffle some feathers but it's not to say that you don't go out and eat this stuff personally if I eat a high saturated fat diet I find it hard for me to lose fat now there's a couple of potential reasons why for one I notice that when I increase saturated fat intake that my glucose is higher and there are reasons behind that it makes sense like saturated fat in tandem with carbohydrates can drive up glucose but I don't think I'm having that much the only thing that I can explain is that I think saturated fats are very easy for me to overeat so I notice when I start adding saturated fats in by way of like fattier cuts of meat which is why I opt for lean Cuts or I start having like I don't know tasty keto snacks that are saturated fat or something like that I tend to a probably eat too much but B I think there is something metabolic going on so what I typically do is I try to have about 20 percent of my fat calories come from saturated fat maybe 25 the rest I get from monounsaturated fats from polyunsaturated fats uh you know like fish oils and healthy fish fatty fish things like that does this mean it's going to be the case for you no like I know plenty of people and really good friends that do carnivore that eat copious amounts of saturated fat and their blood work is beautiful and they are lead and they look great where I think we have to draw the line is I get people are not doing a zero carb or a very very low carb diet then saturated fat might be an encumbrance if it's over like that 20 30 percent total fat intake the next one and people are going to hate me for this too because it's going to sound like I'm being dogmatic but I gotta be honest if I consume a bunch of seed oils I don't feel good and I become inflamed and I feel like it's harder to stay lean that being said the inflammation the water retention could be just masquerading my leanness so maybe I'm just as lean maybe I'm just holding water but I don't want to throw all seed oils under the bus like I know as much as the next guy that like the arachidonic acid path like when you have omega-6s that does not necessarily mean you're automatically driving up inflammation omega-6s are just as important for reduction of inflammation like il-10 as they are for driving up inflammation so I don't think that's the case the best explanation that I have is typically if I'm having seed oils that are not in a controlled fashion I'm having them probably in the way of restaurant food or crappy salad dressings or things that are slipping their way in there and those are going to be the rancid oils so I think the problem actually comes from the oxidation from the oxidized like rancid oils I personally don't think that seed oils are a huge huge issue if they're in their clean non-oxidized form where we run into an issue and I've talked about this before is good luck finding clean seed oils right the cleanest way you're going to find them is going to be like fresh off the plant in like their raw nut form right or raw seed form so we run into that serious issue with that so that's why I try to get fats from like monounsaturated fat so I go like olive oil I go avocado oil I go macadamia nuts I go macadamia nut oil so I get monounsaturated fats which are much more stable than polyunsaturated fats from even nuts and seeds and Seed oils doesn't mean I don't eat nuts and seeds it means that I don't like electively add seed oils to my diet because I just think the risk of having a rancid oil probably outweighs the benefit when there are other options you could choose right so I don't want to demonize it I just think there's better options this one is going to turn some heads and it's going to get people a little confused so I'm going to give a disclaimer I am not a type 2 diabetic I was clinically by Blood Work standards about 10 or 11 years ago but right now I would consider myself still a healthy individual this doesn't necessarily apply for type 2 diabetics if I have too much in the way of low glycemic carbs yeah low glycemic carbs earlier in the day I have a harder time staying lean and I have a harder time keeping my blood glucose under control why is this my theory is that by having low glycemic carbs early in the day it's like I have a gentle bell curve of blood sugar that never gets a chance to really go down followed by another gentle bell curve on top of that and then as the day goes on if I eat lots of low glycemic carbs they pile up on top of each other so if I'm going to have carbs I typically have carbs that I can control pretty quick so I'll have things like a red potato or literally even a sweet potato is pretty high glycemic in the grand scheme of things and what I find is that if I can control the blood sugar Spike and my body is healthy that Spike comes back down the way that it should you run into this problem with people that are insulin resistant or diabetic because they have a big spike and they don't come back down if you are healthy and you have a spike and it comes back down that's exactly what your body's supposed to do so I almost control these shorter spikes with higher glycemic moderate to high glycemic carbs rather than having moderately low glycemic piling on top of each other but again full disclaimer that is in a healthy individual I think a type 2 diabetic or an insulin resistant person should pay attention to glycemic index and glycemic load absolutely and the last one simply does not work for me and I've tried it left right and center and that is eating any time within two hours before bed I am sorry but I just my sleep is invariably disrupted if I do that now I find sometimes if I have a little bit of protein an hour before bed it might help me sleep but what I've found is that that's only if my protein has not been high enough throughout the day and there's data to back that up demonstrates that if your protein needs are not met it affects sleep people do not tend to sleep as well if they did not get enough protein that day so is it the protein before bed increasing tryptophan melatonin all that maybe but it's probably more so the days that I have protein before bed and it helps me sleep are days that I didn't get enough to begin with which is why I'd be adding it in anyway so otherwise no matter how I spin it like I was on a trip last week and like I was in a hotel and I would get back to the hotel closer to bedtime and I'd have a little snack or eat a little something constantly like disrupting my sleep and this happens at home too so I know this is what works for me but hopefully you can learn a couple of things and put tools in your toolbox in place to avoid these situations that are an encumbrance to your fat loss I'll see you tomorrow

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