I NEVER Buy Cashews Anymore – Complete Guide to Buying Nuts

this is going to serve as your complete guide to shopping for nuts now when we're looking at nuts there's a number of different things we have to look at it's not just the carb content it's not just the fat content we look at three really important things first thing we look at is what is the monounsaturated fat content okay modeling saturated fats are going to be the types of fats that you're going to find in olive oil and avocado oil things like that those are the fats that are very heart healthy but they're also very very stable okay the other piece we want to look at is we want to look at the omega-6 content now what's interesting when you're shopping for nuts most nuts have a large amount of omega-6s in them so if you were to gauge your nut shopping based solely on omega-6s you pretty much would only be buying macadamia nuts because almost all nuts have a bunch of omega-6s so what you want to be looking at more importantly is the ratio of Omega-3 to omega-6 and what I mean by that is even though the omega-6 content of some nuts might be high we need to factor in the ratio of Omega-3s because that's what's going to actually matter I know it sounds complicated but we'll explain it and the third thing we need to be paying attention to is phytic acid or anti-nutrient content what this phytic acid does is it binds to the minerals that are in the nuts making it so that the nuts are really void of any real nutrition so if we kind of start off I want to address the probably the worst one first okay when you look at cashews the problem we face with cashews is first and foremost very very high carbohydrate content okay but that's not the end of the world because not everyone's doing a ketogenic diet you're not worried about that per se but the problem that we face with cashews is there are over 600 milligrams of phytic acid in a 200 calorie serving so we're looking at a tremendous amount of phytic acid so in addition to having a high amount of carbohydrates you're really neutralizing a lot of the actual mineral content that you would be getting out of that nut in the first place not to mention it's a very low model and saturated fatty acid content so across the board as far as General Health is concerned there's a reason cashews taste so good it's because they're probably not the best one for you right so if we move across the board let's take a look at uh these are important one [Music] okay almonds right we think almonds they're going to be high in monounsaturated fats right not really not a you would think so the thing with almonds is although they seem to be high in monounsaturated fats the omega-6 content is so high that it vastly supersedes that effect so if you've ever noticed when you're eating a whole lot of almonds you actually kind of get digestive upset a lot of that has to do with a the phytic acid but B Just the fiber content really kind of can disrupt some people but this is where it's deceiving like if you look at total fat you see okay I've got 10 grams of monounsaturated fat only three and a half gallons of poly on the surface it looks like such a good fat but there's a couple of things we need to look at a the phytic acid content being very very high in almonds but you have to be very careful such a difference between saying okay let's just get some roasted salted almonds that have oh my God even this this is the perfect example right here okay roasted and salted almonds you think there's nothing to it right we look at the ingredients and we take almonds what's the second ingredient expeller pressed canola oil so let's pretend hypothetically that the Almond already was a perfect fatty acid profile but then all of a sudden you've got an additional oil added to it if almonds are so healthy why do we need to add an extra oil to it and not only are we adding an oil we're adding canola oil which is a very high omega-6 oil I'm not trying to bag on omega-6s they have their place they certainly do like omega-6s can be just as anti-inflammatory as they are pro-inflammatory the point is you're putting a potential rancid oil on a perfectly good nut like I'm not trying to bag on almonds I'm trying to bag on some of the crap they put in them look at this vegetable oil almond canola safflower and or sunflower oil you know what I don't like about this they can't even tell what oil is in this because it's so across the board and so inconsistent we have it could be almond it could be canola it could be safflower it could be sunflower but then look it corn maltodextrin hickory smoke flavor yeast in this case hydrolyzed corn and soy protein and natural flavors added to this okay and then if you're gonna get almonds here's the downside if you're going to get almonds you should probably go in for the raw almonds but then we run into a situation with raw almonds when you have just raw almonds the phytic acid content is exponentially higher so if you're shopping for almonds you'd ideally want to be finding almonds that are dry roasted and don't have any other crap on them at all okay okay now let's kind of move on to the board I want to kind of jump over to the two nuts that are going to be the best um see if they've got good magnets here oh you know I think they were down here so as far as let's see sorry so in this case now Whole Foods does have dry roasted macadamia nuts so in this case this is great like we just see just dry roasted macadamia nuts that's awesome but once you start getting into the categories where they have flavors and they have seasonings on them you run into this exact same problem it's like some of the big name ones which we'll go to another store and kind of Point them out some of the really big name ones that well you'll see in the store like some of the first ingredients you've got maltodextrin you've got yeast extract you've got all kinds of things that are basically like MSG to enhance the flavor of the macadamia nut again it defeats the whole purpose because I'll tell you right out the gate as far as omega-6 profile and omega-3 profile goes macadamia nuts have practically zilch when it comes down to omega-6s they're not super high in Omega-3s but that's not important the ratio of Omega-3 to omega-6 is so high because the omega-6 content is so low so what that simply means is you have one of the most stable fats that you could possibly get with a macadamia nut I mean I know you're paying a little bit more for a macadamia nut they're considered a more premium nut but as far as quality is concerned they're epic and there's pretty much no phytic acid in them so you don't have any of the anti-nutrients you don't have any of the oxalates none of the phytic acid that's inhibiting the actual nutrients and the minerals from absorbing I went ahead and I popped a link down below for House of macadamia if you look at the back of their bag you'll actually see if you look on the footage on the screen right now like the only ingredients are the macadamia nuts and the seasonings that's it like straight up and then the nambian sea salt that's it so it's like salt and black pepper and they even have like a bunch of bars and stuff like that the first ingredient is literally macadamia nuts so if you were to go and you were to get any protein bar off the shelf it's going to have a bunch of garbage in it and the first ingredient is probably gonna be like soy protein isolate or maybe milk protein isolate if it's a hair better so the difference with these bars are actually literally macadamia nuts is the first ingredient they're totally farmer owned there's no artificial crap in them so I pop the link down below that's a 20 off discount link plus a free 16.9 ounce bottle of their cold pressed Macadamia Oil so that links down below so check them out after this video we'll do a little bit more deep diving the macadamia nuts in a minute let's jump over oh here's another perfect example okay I'm not gonna lie like yes I I'm a little bit biased towards macadamia nuts you can probably tell and I'm going to be fully Frank here like I love pistachios I don't dislike pistachios but there's just something that people need to know about pistachios okay they're one of the highest protein nuts which makes them tremendous for a lot of reasons but we also have to factor in they're one of the lowest fiber highest carb nuts so if you're following a lower carb diet it's very easy to overdo these but the bigger issue that we face with pistachios is once again the phytic acid content is very high it's not a terrible omega-6 profile but the thing is is for such an expensive nut you're not getting the actual fatty acid value that you would be getting out of say like a pecan or a macadamia nut so they kind of lead you to believe that they're a more premium nut they're actually a very inexpensive nut and the marketing has just been so good surrounding pistachios that we're led to believe they're the best and again if you get straight up dry roasted that doesn't have anything they're they're still good nuts like don't get me wrong I eat pistachios I'm not a freak but we look at this stuff and here's the funny thing we're at Whole Foods right now like Whole Foods is supposed to be Whole Foods and check this out pistachios sugar sunflower oil salt honey natural flavors like I did it we're adding flavors to them but why can't we add flavors without that garbage and then the chili roasted same kind of deal it's like pistachios sunflower oil salt sugar citric acid malic acid red Tabasco pepper I could deal with that that's cool garlic powder I can cool with that yeast extract is another word for MSG yeast extract essentially what that does is that lights up your brain like a Christmas tree so it makes things taste better so it gets really frustrating because candidly you take a perfectly good nut and you turn it into crap and that's something you very well should know bang for your buck now I will say they are a nice amino acid profile so if you're trying to get a nut that has more protein yeah pistachios are tremendous for that so we've got pecans here now pecans are going to be a close second to macadamias the reason is is again very very low phytic acid content so as far as the anti-nutrients are concerned Stellar as far as the carb content is concerned right nice and low again pecans are a really good nut very low omega-6 decent amount of Omega-3 so they're pretty solid overall the only downside that we have with pecans is they're not as high up in the monounsaturated fatty acid content if you look at like a macadamia nut there's 78 percent monounsaturated fats I believe a pecan is around 58 so it's still high but nothing like say a macadamia nut uh so this is going to be your next best nut also very easy to digest and decent amount of soluble fiber speaking of soluble fiber uh let's see if we can find hazelnuts anywhere because it's important to talk about yeah here we go with hazelnuts super cool thing to know about hazelnuts ultimately a very low net carbon nut as well five grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber it's only two grams of net carbs one of the highest phytate nuts as well so again what happens with phytic acid is if let's say you have a bunch of really great minerals in this nut okay what's going to happen is those minerals the zinc the selenium the even the choline these are going to get bound up by this phytic acid and what happens is it chelates and it makes us so those minerals never get absorbed so really the only thing you're getting out of hazelnuts is going to be the fat but you're also getting a little bit of fiber and hazelnuts are unique because they have a soluble fiber which means that they're a little bit better on the digestive system a little bit better for the actual fiber than a lot of the other nuts out there so they definitely have a good place it's just that phytic acid content really kind of messes things up well let's see move into we have to address walnuts here check this out [Music] okay they always say like walnuts are good for the brain right because they say they're high amount of Omega-3 when you're talking about Omega-3s with nuts it's really I always say it's it's like it's pretty much worthless to even pay attention to the omega-3 content you need to be paying attention more so to the low omega-6 content so even though walnuts are high in Omega-3s there's not that much overall they're just High compared to other nuts you will get exponentially more Omega-3s by having like a fraction of a tablespoon of flax seeds than you would by having an ounce of walnuts right now where walnuts do come into play where there's a little bit of a benefit is again we've got a decent amount of fiber in them so they're a pretty low carb nut okay also the type of Omega-3 that's in them is Alpha linoleic acid which is a really good fatty acid that's good for the brain so we do have that benefit it just gets canceled out by literally the highest amount of omega-6s in any nut so it's kind of funny it's the highest omega-3 nut but it also is the highest omega-6 nut so by ratio it's actually the worst that's what's so funny is we tout them as an omega-3 Rich nut when there are no mega a six total bomb okay so as far as wrapping up Whole Foods I would say the best best options that you can go for are going to be straight up pecans and macadamia nuts those are going to be the best and again I pop the link down below for House of macadamia for those macadamia nuts if you want to try them okay next best are going to be the hazelnuts but you want to just give them straight up roasted okay next up is going to be the raw almonds not the roasted ones because we've seen here the roasted ones are loaded in vegetable oil okay and then kind of down the line from there then you can go with the other ones then you've got the cashews pistachios again I could put them into that category I'd probably put them somewhere in the middle as well but they're so high carb it makes them really not too advantageous when it comes down to fitting your macronutrient ratios that you're looking for let's go ahead to another store and look at some other stuff okay so now we pop by just a regular grocery store because not everyone has you know Whole Foods in their neighborhood and I just wanted to address a few of the really important ones for example people talk about peanuts all the time peanuts technically aren't a nut they're technically a legume so it's a completely different category ultimately now peanut oil in and of itself is not one of the worst oils when it's in a nut form what ends up happening ultimately is and peanut oil is used in cooking and things like that typically it's rancid it's an inexpensive oil so you'll see it in cooking a lot and that's where it's really a problem so I don't have a tremendously negative connotation over peanuts I just think that a lot of times just because of the histamine reaction that people have with them they don't really sit well with people and they're obviously very easy to overeat and most people are not just eating regular peanuts let's kind of take a look here again you know these are going to be roasted peanuts um oh this is like a mixed nuts so this is a little bit of a rough example there if you look at even salted peanuts here yeah so they're adding peanut oil on top of it so it's peanuts and peanut oil and sea salt not the end of the world I just think if I had to pick something over peanuts like people say okay if you had choose peanuts or almonds you know peanuts are still not very high carb but I think they're somewhat demonized a little too much because they're not the end of the world that being said they're just a low quality ingredient there's not a lot of overall just minerals to it there's not a lot of nutrition to them they're just kind of empty calories in a lot of ways but again when you start getting into the peanut world it's very easy it's so dangerous right look at this like honey roasted peanuts you would think that on the surface this would deter people but these are some of the most popular items with Planters like in fact they probably move just as much in the way of the honey roasted as they do with a lot of the others and look at this peanuts sugar honey corn syrup sea salt peanut oil and xantham gum like that doesn't really make sense why would you need xantham gum in there it's probably just an anti-caking agent but anyway anytime you're combining copious amounts of fat and copious amounts of sugar at the same time this does something very different to your brain okay so when you have hyperpalatable fats that makes one region of your brain sort of light up and get kind of a dopamine hit from it when you have something sweet it hits another region of your brain and it lights it up so from an evolutionary standpoint it was very rare for us in an ancestral time to ever come across something sweet and high fat at the same time that was just that's not really a natural occurrence think about it where does that occur in nature so when that happens you trigger your brain to light up like a dang Christmas tree because you've up the carbohydrate side and the fat side that's a very colloquial way of putting it but essentially that's what's happening as far as hyper palatability so it's extremely dangerous to be able to overeat these like mad so just exercise caution anything like that that's kind of sugar and fat at the same time I wanted to point this out because they didn't have them at Whole Foods but like Mauna Loa Macadamia nuts like these are super popular so anyway so Mauna Loa here these are you know Common macadamia nut if you go to Hawaii like you go to the ABC Stores there they're just everywhere and you know don't get me wrong like they have some that are just straight up macadamia nuts but most of them like Maui onion and garlic powder which is onion powder salt corn malted extra and dextrose garlic powder yeast extract parsley canola oil that is what irritates me the most is that's what you have to watch out for the most okay this is a supposedly benign nut that they have now taken something that has practically no omega-6s in it whatsoever and they have added canola oil probably rancid it's not even expeller pressed at least at Whole Foods it was expeller pressed which means that it's pressed and extruded or not extruded but basically they get the oil in a way that is without heat so they don't have to use toxins they don't use hexane they don't have to use the chemical solvents this is just straight up regular canola oil that's what you really have to be careful and then silicon dioxide and at least they add macadamia oil but you would think they would be using that instead of canola oil total shortcut in my opinion so you just have to be really really careful with what you look at okay now I know I'm wearing a different hat a different shirt I don't have a videographer anymore you know I pissed them off he's gone anyway point is I came to another store because I was hoping to find Brazil nuts the reality is is that it is dang hard to find Brazil nuts at a regular store these days so the reason that I wanted to mention Brazil nuts is Brazil nuts are a very interesting interesting nut they are exceptionally high in selenium which is tremendous for our thyroid exceptionally high in choline which is something that you'd find in eggs as well choline is a precursor to acetylcholine so tremendous for the brain really just one of the most mineral packed nuts that you can find but the big glaring problem with Brazil nuts is Brazil nuts are exceptionally exceptionally high in phytic acid so the mineral aspect is largely combated by that which means that the nutritional benefit you get out of a Brazil nut unfortunately gets a little bit canceled out I still find them to be one of the best nuts that you could possibly eat simply because the fatty acid profile is halfway decent as well but we just run into that problem where we don't get much nutritional value out of it so I came to the store trying to find Brazil nuts but all I found was a bunch of mixed nuts and I think it's important that you know like I might be able to find yeah there's Brazil nuts in these mixed nuts right but if we look closely at the ingredients it's still a bunch of peanut oil added peanut oil canola oil even though everything else is dry roasted it's very difficult to find these good quality nuts so just to recap so that everyone has an idea first and foremost avoid the nuts that are sweetened avoid the honey roasted avoid those things they're an absolute trap second of all focus on your mono unsaturated fats first it's the most stable oil that you're going to be able to find in a in a nut The Only Exception is going to be a peeling nut because they're in a little bit of a different category because they're predominantly saturated fat saturated fat is very stable but in this case we don't get a huge benefit out of it so we want to look at the nuts that have the highest monounsaturated fat so in that case we have macadamia nuts we have pecans in second place then we have things like hazelnuts which unfortunately have a high phytic acid content then we have almonds but also have a high phytic acid and high omega-6 content and then we kind of further on down the line we have walnuts which are high omega-3 but very high omega-6 too so they don't really fit the bill then we have pistachios which are decent amount of omega-6 but really or excuse me a decent amount of Omega Model and Sasha students but unfortunately quite a bit of omega-6 as well and they're so high carb they don't necessarily fit the bill so just to break it down the basics that you really want to lean into almonds macadamia nuts pecans those are really your go-to's as always keep it locked here on my channel I'll see you tomorrow

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