Eat These 3 Fruits to Improve Sleep Quality #shorts

here's some fruits that might help you sleep a little bit better now full disclaimer you may not want to have a bunch of carbohydrates right before bed okay it might make you fall asleep faster but probably not the best thing for total sleep so these fruits you might want to have maybe two hours before bed the Journal of penial research published a paper that showed that pineapple actually triggers a melatonin increase about 120 minutes after consumption so a couple hours before bed maybe a half a cup of pineapple with a little bit of cottage cheese to kind of get that slow digesting protein could help you sleep a little bit better kiwi this is a weird one but the Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition published a paper that showed that it can decrease sleep onset by 42 percent and then improve sleep efficiency by 13 so again 90 to 120 minutes before bed now if you have an issue with nighttime coughing that keeps you up honey has been demonstrated in studies to actually coat the throat a little bit and kind of stop that nocturnal coughing which may sound weird but it keeps a lot of people up

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