Do THIS to Keep Fat Loss Going 4 Hours AFTER Exercise

you finish working out and then you go and you sit down and that kind of stops the fat loss right in its tracks but if you finish working out and then you're active throughout the rest of the day those fats that you mobilized during that workout can actually be utilized even more they can be what's called oxidized which is a more fancy way of saying burned you see it's very interesting what happens and there's research to back this up now when we exercise we mobilize fats but if we immediately Stop Those fats need to sort of be repackaged and put right back in place so the ones that are circulating so it's like an extra credit that you can get by just saying hey I exercised this morning but now rather than just sitting down the rest of the day in my office I'm going to get up and move maybe six thousand eight thousand steps throughout the course of the day the impact is tremendous here's what's happening okay there was actually a study published in fascb journal that demonstrated that when subjects were sedentary they had 90 plus percent less lipoprotein lipase what is that lipoprotein lipase is the enzyme that will allow us to break down those triglyceride forms a little bit more into usable fats okay so if we are sedentary we have 90 attenuation in those enzymes that allow us to use those fats basically you're exercising then you're sedentary you lose the ability to really burn them well sort of at least in that moment well to kind of counter that there's a study published in the American Journal of physiology that demonstrated that after exercise you have a 127 percent increase in the expression of lipoprotein lipase so what that means is exercise creates more of this enzyme right allowing you to ultimately essentially use more fat and bring triglycerides down but if you're sedentary you're erasing that benefit so keeping moving not only gives you the potential health benefit of lowering serum triglycerides but also gives you this potential to oxidize more fat throughout the course of the day who doesn't really want that right but there's also things you can do I want to give you foods that you can eat throughout the course of the day that are going to help stimulate this more but also help work upon another angle because we also have to remember that exercise itself is going to help you out with glucose management but if you're sedentary the rest of the day it negates that as well so there's a study those published in the journal Diabetes Care had subjects sit continuously throughout the day or it has subjects get up every 20 minutes and do two minutes of light activity or it had subjects get up every 20 minutes and do two minutes of moderate activity well the groups that got up every 20 minutes had huge huge reductions in plasma glucose and tremendous improvements in insulin resistance just getting up and moving a little bit doesn't even need to be anything intense right so the whole idea is like if you exercise and you cast all these positive benefits which don't get me wrong are great but then you're sedentary the rest of the day you really do lose a lot of the glucose benefit and the fat oxidation benefit so when you are done with your workout the things you need to be eating throughout the day if you are sedentary I'm a huge fan of consuming things like macadamia nuts now there's a reason why I like macadamia nuts specifically obviously if you're not active you shouldn't be consuming a copious amount of carbs unless you are a huge athlete trying to restore glycogen but monounsaturated fats in macadamia nuts are really being demonstrated to have powerful insulin sensitivity increasing benefits so improving the ability for the cell to receive a signal from insulin better than saturated fats better than polyunsaturated fats monounsaturated fats because of just their unique ability to work within the cell membrane very fascinating stuff not to mention macadamia nuts have something called palmatolic acid omega-7 which can also influence this entire insulin sensitivity okay also things like seaweed snacks are a great thing and I'll explain a little bit more about that too I did put a link down below for House of macadamia if you're looking for a fun way to have macadamia nuts they have macadamia nut bars they're literally right now the only bar that I know of where the first ingredient is macadamia nuts like it the primary constituent is actually Macadamia so it's not a bar with like a smidget of macadamia it's legit Macadamia they of course have like their regular onion macadamia nuts their regular sea salt macadamia me and that's like all kinds of just delicious flavors they also have sugar-free chocolate dipped macadamia nuts if you want something that's a little bit tasty without the negative impact oh and I almost forgot a free 20 ounce bottle of fresh cold pressed macadamia nut oil we're talking nice omega-7 low omega-6 higher omega-3 macadamia nut oil free literally free as long as you're using that link down below and using that 20 off discount link to buy something else through House of macadamia they are really Paving the way here it's cool because they harvest their macadamia nuts in South Africa which is like the leading place to really grow macadamia nuts and then they manufacture package do everything less than an hour's drive from where they are grown and harvested so we're talking about fresh upon fresh upon fresh and they are really putting their money where their mouth is so that link down below if you use code thomas20 will save you 20 off whatever you want to get through House of macadamia I'm telling you like when it comes to macadamia nuts I've had them all and I'm telling you these guys are doing it right they're doing it ethically they're helping out local farmers they're really just doing the right thing through and through so that link down below code thomas20 saves you 20 off House of macadamia products now the other piece is if you're not active having fiber fiber throughout the day is only going to improve insulin sensitivity okay so we got to remember you exercised you did all these positive things but then you're sedentary so you're quickly erasing things well the only thing that's going to quickly erase it more is bombarding your body with carbohydrates when you're not active I don't hate carbohydrates I'm not that guy but I don't think that carbohydrates have a place when we're being super sedentary it just does not make sense okay if we're already inactive why would we add something that is supposed to be a fuel for activity so we compound this effect at least in my opinion so I feel like fiber attenuates this glucose response but also feeds the microbiome which has a huge benefit as far as as glucose management is concerned too so things that I snack on I snack on seaweed snacks I snack on the macadamia nuts like I mentioned I also snack on higher fiber things I eat things like flackers which are a flax seed cracker right there's nothing to them but flaxseed pretty much so just high fiber super low carb easy to snack on okay now if you're someone that wants to have carbohydrates throughout the day I'm not opposed to that just remember if you're up and moving throughout the day it's going to make that glucose disposal much much easier but sometimes what you can do is have what is called a resistant carb if you bring your food from home you could have potatoes that have been cooled in the refrigerator and then you just bring them to work with you and you eat them cold this is called a resistant starch and it is tremendous for the microbiome plus has barely any blood sugar impact so if you really want to have your carbs and you feel like you need them for energy and you need them for your workout the next day I understand so having something with a resistant starch in it just makes more sense so you're not having this huge Spike that is again sort of erasing the effect of your workout as is now the most obvious one that probably doesn't need to be stated but should be stated protein protein protein protein okay I consume things like Chopsticks I'll eat things like jerky snacks I'll eat things like what are called Uh there's a company called carnivore snacks so these kinds of things throughout the day that way I'm getting protein first okay protein not only attenuates the glucose response but if we keep that positive protein balance it's going to allow us to build more muscle and use the energy that we are taking in from food to repair and recover from the mornings workout rather than erasing the work that we did with a bunch of refined carbohydrates or something so balancing these things the fats that I recommend consuming are usually going to be the monounsaturated fats like the macadamia nuts things like that simply because I don't feel like having copious amounts of saturated fat when your sedentary is the best strategy not because it's bad because I don't think they're bad but because I think there are better fats that you can use that add a net positive whereas I consider saturated fat sort of net neutral I don't think we're getting a lot of positive benefit out of it because it doesn't have a whole lot of nutritional value but I think it's safe I don't I don't think it's a problem in moderation but I feel like having things like monounsaturated fats add an additive effect so to recap everything you work out and you get up and you move at least every 30 minutes for two minutes minimum okay so I don't care if you do push-ups I don't care if you walk around the office I don't care if you work at a stand-up desk and you do some squats okay then when you do snack keep the carbohydrates low keep the monounsaturated fats High keep the protein high and keep the fiber high as always keep it locked to hear my channel I'll see you tomorrow

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