9 Foods I NEVER Eat Anymore (What I Eat Instead)

I've come a long way in the last seven eight nine years I don't really want to demonize Foods I don't want to scare people away from eating specific Foods only Foods I like to demonize are like total blatant junk foods and Hyper palatable processed garbage which unfortunately is a lot of food but either way there's some foods that I stopped eating over the last few years nine to be exact I could probably go on but just because I don't eat these Foods anymore it doesn't mean that you don't need to eat them anymore they're not necessarily all bad now some of them I avoid because I just don't think they're that great for me anymore but others I've just found better options so I'm going to share nine foods that I don't eat anymore but I'm going to give alternatives for each one and maybe this can help influence some of your decision making but you shouldn't let my changes completely dictate how your diet should change the first one is cashews and yeah they're kind of innocent like but at the end of the day when it comes down to the literal effect of cashews like they are as close to a poisonous food as you can get and I say say that literally not because oh my goddess poison food no because it literally like when they harvest it they have to be wearing like full protective clothing because it's covered in your issue all the same stuff that's in poison oak that makes you itch and I realize personally that when I started eating cashews I can literally start retaining a pound or two of water I get itchy my nose gets stuffy and I was talking to my doctor who's a very good doctor by the way a doctor that's been on this channel before but shall rename nameless uh he's the one that said well you know cashews are pretty darn close to as poisonous as you can get so maybe you should cut those out anyhow so I don't do cashews anymore they're also super high in phytic acid super high in omega-6s like the highest out of all the nuts and they're super high carb compared to other nuts so now I go for pecans and I go from macadamia nuts those are the ones I lean into I don't even do almonds that much anymore pecans and macadamia nuts super low phytic acid content higher omega-3 content well at least in the pecans but super low Omega so let's move on to the next one I used to eat turkey bacon quite a bit and you know I'm still not really like actually I am kind of opposed to the idea of turkey bacon it just seems kind of wrong like taking bacon and making it with like turkey breast but most of the turkey bacon that you find is like a little bit of turkey meat pressed with a bunch of other stuff and in an effort to reduce calories I was going for turkey bacon and I was realizing I was this is a total Franken food just eat a little bit of the real stuff and just don't go overboard so yeah turkey bacon is kind of out of my life like if someone handed me an omelette with turkey bacon in it I'd probably throw it at them but no I would at least take the bits of turkey bacon out and then throw it at them and then eat the rest of the omelette so what do I eat now I eat regular bacon but I don't even do that that often I usually go for like a good quality Parma ham or a good quality breakfast ham that isn't super processed I'm a huge fan of Portuguese sausage when I can find it like if I'm out in Hawaii I will go to town on some Portuguese sausage another one that I just don't eat anymore is rice cakes and that's one that simply because when I started monitoring my glucose I realized holy cow like I would spike more from one or two rice cakes than I would from an entire bowl of brown rice or even a small bowl of white rice in a fraction of the calories I'm like okay now having a glucose Spike isn't the end of the world but I'm like is this really what I want to be doing to myself like constantly spiking and I wasn't having them all the time I would just have them maybe post workout or have them occasionally because a low calorie snack when I would have carbs but it just didn't make sense anymore so now what I do if I need something as like a delivery vehicle for something because I used to put protein on a rice cake I used to do all kinds of things I use those siete tortillas this is not a plug for them those like almond flour or chickpea tortillas they are awesome they're super low net carbs super low glycemic they barely Spike my glucose and it's still like an easy snack I could put some almond butter on it I could do something like that and it's easy the next one I don't get rotisserie chickens when I'm on the go anymore I used to pop into grocery stores and get a rotisserie chicken because like this is at least a way for me to get some protein and some fats in and then I realized at most grocery stores there is so much MSG and so much in the way of preservatives and weird stuff like why why would I do this to myself why even if I go to Whole Foods and I get a rotisserie chicken there the amount of sodium in this one and I'm not like anti-salt but I'm talking like sometimes two three thousand milligrams of sodium in a rotisserie chicken and unfortunately I'd eat the whole dang thing but independent of that I realized how much fat is in chicken skin and I'm not afraid of fat but when we're talking like this much chicken skin having like 300 calories like okay let me ditch the skin and so and then I'm like wait a minute I'm being wasteful like is there something better so now when I go to the grocery store and I'm on the go I just get cold cuts I get things like Applegate Farms deli meat I look at Cold Cuts like turkey breasts chicken breast Deli Cuts flip over the label and make sure there's no weird things if something just like meat and salt and rosemary extract that's as good as gold for me so I'll do that it's way cheaper way lower calorie and I can control my fat intake a little bit more so I'm not having calories going through the roof the other thing that I do is I just prepare now I went through a phase there where like I was fasting so much I didn't have to prepare too much but if I'm going to be on the road I should prepare so I cook up a bunch of small burger patty sliders ahead of time and it's not hard to do like I can put them in the oven I can put them on the grill and I can have a bunch of them you could even literally freeze them it's not that hard to do I put a link down below for butcher box too if you want to get some really like seriously amazing tasting bison they have amazing ground bison and amazing grass-fed grass finish ground beef which dude I really do think that that ground beef is I think ground beef is underrated like you get collagen with it you get some of the gristle that's actually good for you but man we throw that sucker out that's like we always say oh it's the nice cuts of meat that we want the ground beef is where it's at anyhow so that link down below gets you grass-fed grass-finished cuts of meat not only the cuts of meat but the ground beef but also chicken options pork options scallops other Seafood options real bacon good stuff all at that link down below and then it gets delivered to your doorstep so it takes one step out of the prep seriously give them a shot it's called butcher box it'll change your life at least as far as the quality is concerned like if you go to the grocery store you look at meat now it's like bright red it's like not even the way it's supposed to be you look at butcher box it's like a deep red the way that it should look anyhow that link is down below Top Line of the description next one is one that I stopped eating a long time ago but it's important to note and that's margarine margarine and shortening like when I was growing up we would use margarine we would use shortening we were trying to do the heart healthy thing because we didn't know better growing up right oh my gosh now what do I eat I just eat the real thing I either eat butter or I go for ghee I'm much more of a ghee guy I like the short chain fatty acids that I get from ghee I like the way it feels on my gut I like the way my brain feels I feel better with ghee than I do with regular butter so if I'm going to use butter I'm like well do I have an opportunity to use ghee instead I'll use ghee I'll cook with ghee it's just beneficial short chain fatty acids for the gut so as far as gut microbiome is concerned also could be some advantages there but ditch the margarine that is pure trans fats it's not just not good that one is flat out should be avoided it is dangerous leads to visceral fat accumulation and we've seen that in the data and I don't care who wants to make a video chopping this up the data is strong trans fats are no bueno another one I don't eat anymore I occasionally have them but really not too often not like I used to are the Starbucks egg bites for one they are calorie bombs like if you get the bacon ones there's like 350 calories in them the egg white ones are little less but what really threw me off is they are really pretty high in carbs like they add potato starch they add these other starches to them now there are other options that you can get at the store they're like egg bites you just want to look around make sure that they do not have uh potato starch in them like Costco has a good one there's some other vital Farms makes a good one but instead of egg bites I just opt for other things altogether like if I'm going to Starbucks I'm probably not going to get breakfast I'm going to Starbucks I'm there to get a tea and I'll pop into a grocery store and get some deli meat or something I just they were usually something if I was in a pinch but now I realize like what good are they if I'm doing low carb or keto they're really too high carb and a lot of people fall into that trap another one I don't do anymore you will hardly ever see me getting a restaurant salad I don't necessarily want to be like my friend Mark Sisson who I've talked to he used to carry his little sachets of his own salad dressing with him so that he could do this I'm just like you know what just give me the steamed veggies so it's just a trap like okay in an effort to get a couple grams of fiber and some few nutrients from romaine lettuce you're telling me that I have to like get that thousand calories of oil I could have that salad without the oil but come on you tell me is a salad with no oil better than like some delicious steamed broccoli or steamed asparagus just ask for steamed veggies it is a game changer and you end up saving probably hundreds if not thousands of calories it's just never do it anymore another one I never eat anymore is farm-raised salmon you're never gonna find me at a grocery store opting for the farm raised salmon and a lot of times you're not gonna find me getting the wild caught salmon either why because it ends up just being a ripoff at that rate when there's a lot of other inexpensive options I love salmon but I'm gonna opt for things like sardines and mackerel and oysters and scallops why because I can get similar nutritional value in fact even more omega-3s from those inexpensive small fish that are sustainable inexpensive they have the high levels of DHA they have the vitamin D because I can get the skin and the bone don't get me wrong like I would love to have wild caught deep red beautiful salmon but if you think I'm going to be spending 20 to 40 dollars a pound on that stuff you're completely lost like no way and the farm-raised salmon that might be 7.99 to 10.99 a pound I just don't want stuff that is artificially made orange no matter what I have to say about salmon the fact that something is artificially orange is just weird and the last one I don't get fast food cheese anymore what does that mean well I'm human and especially when I'm doing keto or I'm just trying to get protein it's not totally uncommon for me to like roll through and maybe get a burger patty from Carl's Jr or a burger patty from in and out or Wendy's or something like that typically I would get it with the cheese and then I realized that most places aren't using real cheese even if you get like a mushroom swiss you find there's all kinds of added trans fats and weird stuff I'm like that sucks I don't want to do that in and out is the only one that might be an exception they might have somewhat real cheese but I just deal without the cheese like if I go to In and Out or if I go to Carl's Jr I just get a burger patty or two or three and just don't do any cheese on it like I save hundreds of calories for one and I'm not getting mystery cheese it's just you don't have to completely ditch it if that's what you do when you're on the road but trust me if you just cut out the cheese and put a little bit of mustard or something instead you might lose a slight percentage of taste but it's going to get you so much further in the long run as always keep it locked and hear my channel see you tomorrow

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