7 Reasons Getting Up at 5AM Will Change Your Life Tomorrow #shorts

seven reasons to get up at 5am to start your day right when you roll out of bed you are in what is called a Theta wave state if you capitalize on this 30 minutes right when you wake up you can get a lot of creative work done while in that brain state if you wake up in that brain state right when everyone else is getting up and the chaos of the day starts you don't get that creative aspect it's good for your ego which is actually a good thing it feels good to get up before the rest of the world you can actually carve out time to watch the sunrise which as we've seen with Andrew huberman is a very important thing you can concentrate on making a good breakfast not some grab-and-go garbage that's going to leave you hungry in two hours even if it's just a 20 minute workout you can work out before you start having emails and text messages come in you can work out before the tasks of the day start to pile up by getting up early you create more sleep pressure so it's actually easier to fall asleep and stay asleep the following night you put yourself first

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