7 Mins of THIS Exercise Lowers Blood Sugar More than 40 Minutes of Cardio

there's a possibility you're doing the wrong kind of exercise when it comes down to insulin resistance now it's not about you doing anything wrong exercise itself is hugely beneficial okay exercise by and large has been demonstrated in multiple studies to increase pancreatic beta cell Mass so it helps the pancreas produce more insulin and helps to do so more effectively so don't stop your exercise regime but you might be spending too much time okay now this is a good thing there's some relatively newer research that's demonstrating that you don't need to be working out for long in fact the relatively recent study I'm talking about suggested that about 40 minutes per week is sufficient that's like seven minutes per day or something like that but you have to be doing a specific kind of exercise so I'm going to talk about how you have to balance something on your nose while tapping a box with your right hand and dancing delicately on your left okay not that kind of specific exercise but 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okay or if you want to try their sugar-free chocolate covered or white chocolate covered those are insanely good macadamia nuts that link is down below this video okay so this study took a look at subjects that were doing 40 minutes of intense like high intensity training per week compared to subjects that were doing 150 minutes per week of a more aerobic style workout I am not about to say that aerobic training is bad but what we did find is that the high intensity training group ended up having better improvements in glute 4 translocation a number of other things that I'll explain in more detail the bottom line is that after 12 weeks when it came down to looking at basic glucose levels 40 minutes of high intensity training compared to 150 minutes of aerobic training yielded about the same result they both had about the same Improvement so maybe we've been spending way too much time in the gym when we could literally be doing 40 minutes a week of higher intensity work which I'll explain what that looks like in just a minute before I get into what you should do realistically we also have to acknowledge that aerobic training is going to increase the fat oxidation okay so we don't want to just ignore that all together doing aerobic training is going to help increase the ability to utilize fats through beta oxidation which is going to decrease the amount of fats that are inside your intramyocellular lipids inside your muscle which is going to improve insulin resistance that's a different discussion for a different day what they found is that just one session of this high intensity training of like seven to ten minutes decreased postprandial glucose levels for 24 hours meaning it decreased the glucose Spike after food for 24 hours so it had this long lasting effect when high intensity work was done additionally there was a 369 percent Improvement or increase in glut4 translocation glute 4 is the receptor that comes out to the surface of a cell to bring glucose in if glute 4 never came to the surface of a cell you'd never have a net that is casted into the bloodstream to pull glucose in 369 Improvement in the high intensity group does this mean that high intensity is better than aerobic no because they're really two different worlds all together but what it does mean is that maybe you're not making the best use of your time if your goal is simply to improve your lifestyle improve insulin resistance and sort of restore metabolic function so what does this exercise look like it's very important to note that high intensity training doesn't need to be 7 or 10 all-out minutes okay you can do it in an interval fashion where you surge and then take a break but one of the things that we have to acknowledge is that the reason that high intensity training works or high intensity interval training works so much is because it's highly anaerobic okay when it's anaerobic you are using carbs as a fuel source and therefore you're taking carbs out of the bloodstream and you're conditioning the cells to use those carbs very very very well so this is a super important thing that we need to be paying attention to there's also what is called the insulin independent glucose uptake when you're moving in an intense fashion that insulin independent glucose uptake means that you suck up glucose into the cell without insulin being needed this gives your pancreas a break because it doesn't have to produce insulin and it allows for the cells to suck up the glucose and still get the benefit so what can this look like well most people are going to set out to do interval training and they'll do like maybe one minute of intense exercise and a one minute break one minute on one minute off what's important to note is that the time of your workout is the time that you are at the interval stage not at the rest stage okay so if it's a seven minute workout it might in theory be more like a 14 minute workout because you have seven minutes of work seven minutes of rest right now you can shorten the rest however you need or lengthen the rest however you need what is the most important thing is that you are preserving the Integrity of your interval so if your rest period between whatever interval you're doing whether you're sprinting or biking or whatever if your rest period is too short and you're not adequately recovered to move into your next interval you're not going to be able to give it your all and if you don't give it your all you arguably don't get the same benefit on the pancreatic beta cells that we're talking about here so what I would recommend to you is rest however long you need in order to preserve maximum intensity for when you do have your interval okay so 60 second interval maybe you need two minutes rest that's fine but the only thing you're counting towards your workout is the actual interval itself because that is what's going to impact so if you look at it over the course of a week you want to end up at 40 minutes of maximal total work even if that means it's 80 minutes total actual workout time and this will make a dramatic Improvement in a number of different things in your life when it comes down to glycemic control and insulin resistance the research is starting to look pretty darn promising and it's not too bad for the time either right I wouldn't want to work out for 150 minutes if I don't have to I'll see you tomorrow

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