3 Ways to Reduce Inflammation from Sugar #shorts

here's a few ways to combat the inflammation that comes from consuming sugar a full disclaimer before we start all food will cause inflammation it's just the way that it is it just seems as though sugar does it a bit more pomegranate juice or pomegranate extract there is an interesting study published in the Journal of food Agriculture and chemistry that demonstrated that when pomegranate extract was consumed it seemed to reduce Advanced lactation in products significantly in fact it reduced age binding by 22 percent and reduced hba1c by almost six percent quercetin you're going to get this from things like onions shallots asparagus and definitely Capers here's how it works so quercetin is a flavonol that ultimately combats Advanced glycation and products as well some of the recent research is demonstrating up to a 60 reduction in ages that are associated with sugar now this last one's rodent model but it's really interesting when researchers induced a super inflammatory diet in mice and then gave them fenugreek extract it reduced the inflammation over 20 percent

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