19 Most Unhealthy Junk Foods to NEVER Eat

the 19 worst junk Foods you could ever eat and we're not talking about random stuff we've pulled off of Google we're talking about what is legitimately hyper palatable based upon some science here's what's Wild we don't eat lots of junk food because it tastes good that's a misnomer just because something tastes good on the palate doesn't mean that we naturally want to eat more of it there are different mechanisms and there's a classic study published in the American journal of clinical nutrition that illustrates this perfectly so I have to get this educational part done first so you understand why these 19 foods are legitimately things you should avoid and I'm not just throwing garbage at you okay so this study took a look at subjects under what's called an fmri scan a functional MRI scan and it gave them four different kinds of Milkshakes or five if you count the control gave them a high fat high sugar milkshake gave them a high fat low sugar milkshake a low-fat high sugar milkshake and a low fat low sugar milkshake and then they gave them a controlled tasteless milkshake all the milkshakes were the same amount of calories okay what they found here is that the groups that had more fat and less sugar had more activation in the hippocampal regions of the brain as far as just what was lighting up like neuronal response also the inferior frontal gyrus so different areas of the brain whereas the sugar seemed to light up the thalamus and different regions of the brain entirely separate what they found is that fat activated and lit up the portion of the brain that is associated with sensation texture gratification like if you were to take like a piece of velvet and it's really soft right you get that sensation same kind of thing if something's like feels really good in your mouth okay well then sugar lit up the more taste side the more satisfaction dopamine side so when you combine these it's terrible right there's not really a natural situation where you'd be combining these then you add salt into the mix and salt all can affect neuronal processing even more not always bad but when you add it into the mix but then the reasons worse you start adding in MSG and you start adding in yeast extract and this isn't a hit piece on MSG and yeast extract but the bottom line is those are there to make us feel like food is even better it lights up our brain more so without further Ado let's just get down to the list number one is going to be Doritos Doritos one of the worst things there's no particular order okay you've got a high amount of fat you've got tremendous texture there are food scientists that make millions of dollars doing what they do because they're so good at it getting the texture just the powder when it hits your mouth just the texture of the powder on your hands and how you lick your fingers afterwards that has an impact on your brain that keeps you coming back for more not to mention some refined starch not to mention the MSG next up is going to be any kind of fried sweet food so a funnel cake a churro a Twinkie is a perfect example why because you have the texture from the fat the sugar those combinations the those are the bad ones this next one is kind of a surprise it's Ramen okay Ramen is a very high glycemic Ultra refined noodle there's usually a bunch of soybean oil and possibly even trans fat oils added into the mix but then if you look at most Ramen there's what is called tbhq in it now more research needs to be done but tbhq could be associated with neuronal cell death and actual DNA damage so a very very dangerous stuff to be playing with I'm not saying if you eat ramen your brain cells are going to fall apart like that's not the case but that is what I would consider a terrible junk food okay something that's going to keep you coming back for more and more and more this next one is kind of funny it's Fruit Loops now Fruit Loops don't really combine sugar and fat but Fruit Loops are so high glycemic and the problem that we have with them is the time of day we typically eat them you roll out of bed and you have fruit loops and you're not having any protein along with it right so you have this big glycemic Spike now I'm going to poke fun of my friend Lane Norton for a second when I did a video with him he told that he had Fruit Loops for breakfast but what he did is he put protein powder in his milk okay that's not the healthiest breakfast but he did attenuate the glucose spike a little bit so if you must have Fruit Loops do something like Lane Norton where you put some protein powder in your milk or something best thing that you can do is you're if you're going to have some high carbohydrate meal with breakfast counter it with some meat at least meat is going to counteract that glycemic Spike significantly so some good quality protein speaking of that I put a link down below their sponsoring this video a special link for butcher box so they have super good grass-fed grass-finished beef they have chicken they have all kinds of seafood options they even have smoked salmon options now so you could have that for breakfast really cool options really good price and it's the best tasting grass-fed meat that you'll probably ever have I'm not kidding it's super good gets delivered to your doorstep and you can choose your Cuts you can change your Cuts every month you can use that link and get free ground beef for life too it's a special promo that they're running so really cool stuff check them out you don't have to go to the grocery store it just gets delivered to your doorstep and I'm telling you if you don't have a ribeye for breakfast then you're not living life number five is gonna be milkshakes for kind of a reason you might not think sure you have sugar and fat we've established that to be not so good but the delivery system the fact that it's liquefied this has a huge effect when you have uh what are called gut increase gut hormones that register how quickly something's coming in well they send feedback to the brain to tell you to get full when something comes in in a liquid form like this that's very high calorie you have a minimal glucagon-like peptide glp-1 response so very limited feedback to the brain to tell you to stop so you could pound a 600 700 calorie milkshake and not even have a blip on your radar of feeling full next up is white chocolate I say this because although there's worse things out there than white chocolate it's pure cocoa butter cocoa Mass fat and sugar but Thomas dark chocolate you talk about dark chocolate all the time dark chocolate has polyphenols in it that actually counteracts some of the sugar although it's not perfect I don't think you should be eating like 65 dark chocolate with a bunch of sugar that's let's be real you should be eating like 88 or 90 percent the fact is is that when you compare white chocolate to dark chocolate there's no comparison french fries okay now here's the deal french fries next to potato chips I would arguably say that french fries are going to be much more satiated in fact you might know grego Gallagher Kino body he talks about this all the time he talks about how although french fries aren't the healthiest food he would rather eat french fries than potato chips because potato chips are just endless right french fries you can actually get kind of full from them but you got to get around the fact that there's soybean oil trans fats high glycemic carbohydrates because of the way the potatoes are cooked and next thing you know you're just eating a ton of them a lot of times there's also acrylamide in them too which isn't exactly the healthiest thing for our neurons and for our cells in general for metabolic function ice cream but I don't think I need to say a whole lot more what about things like Halo top or things that you know Enlighten these different lower sugar ice creams they're better for sure but you can still expect to light up your brain sweet things will still excite your brain you'll still probably want to eat more although I will say yes getting rid of the sugar is probably a good start this one's a little bit vague but salty fried Foods most fried foods are salty so things like onion rings things like fried chicken tenders mozzarella sticks the reason is when there's salt added to the equation there's a study published in nature that demonstrated that salt might impact our brain from a different angle so they found that it could alter brain signaling which means that if we have fat we have sugar and we have high salt not just a little bit of salt but high salt we have multiple signals going to the brain remember our brains are wired for survival salt is critical for survival you put an animal out in the middle of a field and you put a Salt Lick out there it's going to find the salt to stay alive it's critical so our brain is wired to find Salt so think about the satisfaction response we get from salt from sugar and from fat all in one sitting number 10 is flavored yogurt don't need to go into a lot of detail on this super thin so it just digests really fast it's pure sugar come on it's not good stuff at least go for straight up Greek yogurt I'm a big yogurt guy but go For Greek yogurt and put some Stevia in it or get one of those like Oikos zero sugar options or something like that number 11 is donuts for obvious reasons again you're taking high amounts of refined carbs and you're frying them in credit oil and then you're putting additional fats and you're making them as succulent as possible so you're satisfying this entirely different region of your brain barbecue sauce okay whoa didn't expect that one kind of like don't get me wrong there's healthier options for barbecue sauce Primal kitchen's got some good ones things like that they're out there but we do need to look at the fact that most of them have a bunch of high fructose corn syrup there is a study published in nutrients that took a look at the effect of high fructose corn syrup on the brain it was actually a review so it looked at multiple studies they found even in the short term there was neuroinflammation and there were increases in oxidative stress there were changes in the brain plasticity and they actually were able to associate largely high fructose corn syrup with brain mitochondrial dysfunction now this doesn't mean in just one serving but relatively short term so if you're finding a new barbecue sauce that you love at your local barbecue restaurant and you can't get enough of it and you're going there every day for a couple of weeks yeah you could potentially have an issue so just find a better option or use it sparingly number 13 is margarine and this is on the list because honestly it's pure trans fat so independent of being hyper palatable it's just terrible for you number 14 is frozen pizza the reason I say this is because if you go to a restaurant you get a good quality Pizza yeah you're going to have refined starches you're going to have fats but you're also going to have some protein on it you're typically going to have if you get high quality Pizza it's a little bit better you can also get sourdough crust some places you can get gluten-free crust some places but frozen pizzas you really run into just bottom of the barrel refined garbage high fat lower protein a bunch of preservatives it's just easy to cram your calories again they put things in there to make it taste even better versus a made from scratch good solid pizza Number 15 is an interesting one it's mayonnaise and I put mayonnaise on there because it's not just about the mayonnaise like mayonnaise could be a superfood like it could definitely be a superfood if it's made with avocado oil or magnet oil or whatever but usually it's cruddy soybean oil but that's not the issue it's what we put mayonnaise on right we start putting mayonnaise on hot dogs put mayonnaise on Burgers you see the drill here right we got high fat super smooth creamy texture that makes our brain feel good and we smother it on bread number 16 probably one of the worst for me one that I really have to watch out for and that is nachos nachos are so calorically dense plus you get the cheesy consistency now I don't want to sound like a weirdo because it's small science but there is some evidence out there that cheese can actually affect our opioid receptors as well what this means is at a small level if you start eating lots of cheese like you could easily put away with nachos it does make you feel kind of euphoric and you have that to add insult to injury so you have the fat that kind of makes you feel good you have the carbs you have the refined starch you have caloric density and then you have kind of this potential opioid effect it's just best to avoid them or just go kind of easy on it and definitely don't get the Velveeta weird mystery stuff number 17 hot dogs now straight up beef frank is gonna be great like butcher box has really good 100 beef hot dogs as well like again super awesome but most of the hot dogs you're getting at the Ballpark they're not that they're probably going to be like 50 meat and then it's going to be on a refined bun again you have very high fat because those hot dogs are high fat along with mayonnaise along with whatever probably high fructose corn syrup ketchup I don't want to sound like I'm just like bagging on all these Foods because I think any of these you could have have in small amounts but the reason they're the most dangerous junk Foods is because they are ones that you will eat way too much of number 18 is going to be M M's and Skittles the reason I say m M's is because you got the sugar the fat but you also have artificial colors in there and there's some interesting studies there was one study in particular in environmental health it looked at adolescence but it found that when they had yellow number five or red dye number 40 it actually was linked to more ADD and ADHD we're starting to see more evidence coming out of this we're starting to see a lot of Brands like moving away from these like yellow number six yellow number five red 40 all these stuff because they're not exactly good and they're kind of mystery compounds because they seem to light up the brain in other ways so are they more addictive not necessarily it's just doing something in the brain that's probably not the best and number 19 is an interesting one and that's going to be fake dark chocolate why do I say that because there's a lot of dark chocolates out there that aren't actually dark chocolate or they're sugar-free chocolates that still have a bunch of maltitol and still have other binding agents and when you eat them you still have a major blood sugar Spike even though they're sugar-free they still have a lot of carbs they're going to wreck your gut and they're not a food that's going to satiate you if you're going to have dark chocolate go for something that yes is low sugar or maybe a sugar-free option but get one that is like 90 dark chocolate so you actually get the benefit as well as always keep it locked and hear my channel see you tomorrow

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